Life Unplanned

This is actually my second attempt at writing this blog post, the first one went missing after I pressed save because…that is my lesson for this week. That life doesn’t always go to plan. Nothing too major just a nasty little back pain episode which saw me have to give away some lovely things I had planned and also not be able to manage some work things I had planned to get done and instead take nurofen, lie on the couch a lot and feel quite sad and sorry for myself. Not surprisingly once I accepted that I had to let some things go, my week looked a whole lot better and I felt better too.

Here I am early Thursday morning , I’m feeling a bit better and going to attempt to get a blog post together about this weeks art journaling attempts. This season of prompts from the Get Messy art journal challenge are based around adventure and it has been my favourite season so far. The way it works is on Monday the prompts go up on the private blog and the rest is up to you. I have committed to share my pages each week on Thursday and honestly if it wasn’t for that I doubt I would have even started a page this week. There are journaling prompts and art prompts and I try to incorporate as many of them as I can as a way of learning how to art journal and also just to stretch the creative side of my brain.


My first page is my response to a prompt to write about my roots, is our family like an old oak tree or like a bird flying south constantly. So I came up with the image of a rose bush. My Grandparents had to leave their home and everything really in Burma during the war. They moved to England and made a new life there, later they moved to Australia to be near to us, and then in his 80’s my Grandad moved to Queensland to be closer to my mum who had relocated there. My parents emigrated to Australia when I was three, and I have done my fair share of moving around too, so I’m definitely no oak tree.

In our garden we have some rose bushes that we transplanted from my grandparents garden when Grandad moved ( about 18 years ago). There are also some of their roses in lots of other gardens, either transplanted or grown from cuttings taken. So that’s how I see our family ,we  can be transplanted like a rose to a new location, we can be divided to become more than one plant and we can put down roots and grow and thrive in my new location. Oh and we are hardy and beautiful!

Anywhere, as long as it’s with you.

The next page is about spending time with my man when it’s just the two of us left in the nest. There is nowhere I am desperate to go and see, and it’s not something I want to rush towards but when we get there it’s about spending the time together and leading a slower more relaxed, less planned life.

And the last page is about my week, how I had to give away some of my looked forward to events, go with it and make something new out of it. And well life really, lots of what happens in life is unplanned. Some of the worst and also the best.


As always, thanks for popping in and taking time to read my words and see  my images.


p.s I’m doing a great workshop Find your voice 2015 about telling your story . It’s run by rukristen and when I get back on track I’m hoping to chat a bit about that too,  check it out if it interests you too ( oh and it’s free ).


16 thoughts on “Life Unplanned

  1. Your rose bush analogy comes at the perfect time–I’ve also moved a lot and find myself torn between wanting to lay down roots and be free as a bird. Thinking about the rose bush is a much happier and more beautiful perspective, thank you!


  2. I love your Art journalling and especially the stories behind them. I too moved a lot and have actually lamented the fact that I don’t have roots any longer. But in each house, I try to plant something that signifies family and belonging. Currently I have a yellow rose bush which I planted when my mom passed – it is called Mothers and Daughters. The Find your voice workshop looks interesting xx


    1. I think I saw a picture of that rose when I was looking. What a lovely thing to do for your Mom ( and you). Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment here. I hope you enjoy checking out the workshop too 🙂


  3. Glad you’re feeling a little better Emily – there’s nothing worse than back pain!
    I’m finding it incredibly difficult to fit all my crafty commitments in at the moment! I must take another look at FYV – I read the first week & gathered information but not got started – so many wonderful things out there to do & learn.
    By the way I loved your water coloured books on FYV – they looked FAB!


  4. I really want to check out that workshop. I would also like at least three more hours in the day 🙂 Your journal pages are awesome. Nothing like a commitment to keep you going!


  5. Hey Emily! I love your page with the map of Australia and the combie van (or is it a caravan?). Do you own a caravan? I would love to, one day. I hope you get to take those travels with your man that you’re currently dreaming about! x


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