Get Messy Thursdays

The last season of art journaling prompts over at Get Messy Art Journal Challenge were based around the theme of adventure. After the season of Brave I felt it seemed right to take the plunge and join in with Get Messy Thursdays, a commitment to complete pages using the prompts and share weekly for 6 weeks on a Thursday. It turns out that commitment leads to accountability which leads to action. (for me anyway).
So each week I found time to read the prompts, carry them around with me and then actually sit down and deal with that awkward and uncomfortable feeling of “what on earth do I do now?” and the other ones like “I can’t think of anything” , “I can’t do this”, and “why am I doing this”, mixed in with “I want to do this”,”I can do this” and “Come on just start, just try and see what happens”.. aah… my mind is a busy place sometimes!!!
So the lessons for me here have been:
1. Choose something to improve at and commit to weekly practice or time allocated doing it.
2. Prioritize that thing
3. Sit down and do that thing
4. Pat myself on the back for doing the last three things.
How about you, do deadlines and accountability help or hinder your creativity?
Here are the other Get Messians who joined in too.  Thanks for stopping by!
Emily 🙂

P.s Next post I will tell you about some of the latest things I’ve signed up for ( I better tell my loved ones first lol)



10 thoughts on “Get Messy Thursdays

  1. Deadlines and accountability work for me. They keep me motivated and inspire me. Love a good social media challenge!


    1. The social media challenges really get some momentum going don’t they, I think you a bit more consistent than me there Carolyn. BTW what’s next for challenges? I’m feeling a bit lost.


  2. Emily I have so much admiration for the way you stick to projects you start. My biggest problem with projects like Get Messy is that I start full of enthusiasm with all guns firing and then because I’m not accountable to anyone anymore my enthusiasm and commitment starts to wane. Your pages are looking so great.


    1. It’s a fine line isn’t it Deb between being commited and over commited! You have got lots on, but if ever you need a commitment buddy just give me a hoy. Oh and thank you and thanks for popping in, it was only today I used some stationery from your lovely shop. 🙂


  3. So great to see a ‘collage’ of all your art journaling here Emily. I definitely benefited too from committing to posting each week. Looking back at all you’ve achieved – and remembering making the pages and the enjoyment of that – is a nice thing to do too. Have you seen the next season theme? Just what we need 🙂


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