Serenity : Get messy art journal , week one

The new season has kicked off in the art journaling group/challenge (Get Messy) I’m in and it’s the season of Serenity. I felt a wave of calm pass over me as I read it on the blog …aaahh just what I need after reflecting and journaling about brave and adventure ! Last season I commited to art journaling and posting for 6 consecutive weeks and I did it…Yay for me. This week I decided to do that again this season. Imagine my delight when I received an email with this image from the lovely Caylee. Thanks Caylee it’s not everyday I get a badge saying I am awesome, it put a lovely sparkle in my week.

imageAs soon as I read the prompts I knew it was going to be interesting,digging deep as Vanessa O-L ( who created these prompts) would say. My first prompt is based around where I turn if I’m feeling lost or out of sorts, wondering where I’m headed or what the point is. This was easy because for me it’s about being in the now and being around nature. For me there is not much a walk on the beach won’t fix, or some time in the bush amongst tall trees and the smell and sounds of a forest. Being surrounded and immersed by things much bigger than me, things that go on without questioning anything, makes me feel calmer and surer.

I love seeing art journal pages with quotes so I went quote hunting on Pinterest and found a beauty! Then today I added a lovely image from a magazine, some more words and voila a page. Sometimes pages come easier than others!


My next page was a bit tricker, the prompt was based on Goddesses and the Divine within. Well let me tell you I basically know nothing about Goddesses, but I am interested, and as a good committed Get Messy girl I headed off into cyberspace to do some research. Before I knew it I was doing a questionnaire to find out which Goddess archetype I most relate to. There is one I strongly identify with and some words I read there really hit home, then I realized there is another one that was a close second, maybe not as much in the foreground at this stage in my life but there nonetheless. I guess I hadn’t realized there would be a Goddess I could relate to and it was kind of comforting.I felt a sense of belonging reading about attributes of “my” goddess and knowing they aren’t unique to me. I think I will come back to this just for myself because I found it moving and also quite interesting.

So my page shows a drawing of me as this Goddess ( before my hair turned grey), but also has some symbolism for my other goddess in the background. I was listening to Indigo Girls songs on you tube because I love the Closer to fine song and was contemplating incorporating some lyrics when  “I’m a bitch” by Meredith Brooks/Shelly Peiken, you know the one” I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child,I’m a mother….I’m nothing in between”  and I thought that’s it, I am so many things! So that song inspired my journaling. I’m actually not a bitch though and I don’t believe in the concept of sin so I modified the words for me!


So there you have it , I learnt a few things about Goddesses,and myself ,I sang some Indigo girls songs and made some pages which really speak to me and …I got to know myself a little better! Maybe I am finally getting the hang of this thing called art journaling 🙂

If you are curious to find out more about your Goddess archetype via the Goddess Archetype questionnaire , there’s the link.

So now I’m off to doing some sketching, feeling inspired as I’ve signed up and have started doing an online course called sketchbookery, then off to bed to read my book club book A Fictional Woman by Tara Moss. Phew,  Sometimes being creative is tiring!!!

Emily 🙂


10 thoughts on “Serenity : Get messy art journal , week one

  1. I think you are very nice, not bitchy at all! I love the images you are producing. Lots going on in your day too! And I love that you have interspersed your post with images. Just reading about that on BWP!


  2. Great post Emily. I love the concept – “Get Messy Art Journal” – so many people are afraid to start a journal, to do it wrong. To just go into it with the idea that it is ok to get messy is wonderful!


  3. Love that song and also love your page about nature, It’s exactly how I feel! As humans, I think we need to take the time to appreciate how small we are in comparison to the world and thinking that, being surrounded by wild growing things, helps make any problem melt away 🙂


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