Get Messy : Serenity : Week 2


Serene: calm,tranquil,unclouded, quiet,placid. Serenity n.

My art journal pages this week are about Serenity, and about moments. Life gets busy, crazy and hectic, stressful and spinning, tiring and troubling sometimes. What do you do for a moments peace, a return to calm the sense of tranquil?

For me the most basic, simple go to thing is just taking time to stop and take some deep breaths. I breathe in and breathe out paying attention to just that and it’s amazing that just a few breaths with awareness can return me to a calmer place.

I love this quote ” Find the still point in a turning world” by T.S Elliot so  included that on my page. I also used a little drawing of a bath, because a lovely warm aromatic bath is one of my favourite ways to nurture myself and bring back calm and sanity when I’m feeling like I’m running on empty and running around in circles.


Yesterday I did just that, it felt like such an indulgence having a bath in the afternoon before I cooked dinner, but it really was the best thing I could have done and actually not indulgent at all! Today I have a day off with the house to myself to catch up on some of the creative things I’m doing and getting behind with and also just enjoy some serenity ( oh and wash, shop, clean and cook ha ha ha).

I hope you are finding some calm moments in your week and if that you feel inspired to do so. Thanks for popping by.

Emily 🙂


6 thoughts on “Get Messy : Serenity : Week 2

  1. I love an afternoon bath Emily – it’s a nice shift in pace and allows time for creative thought – or no thought that often leads to creative thought and new ideas. Viewing your pages has left me feeling very serene xx


    1. Oh yes, I love a quiet sit with a cup of tea too Carolyn. I seem to make a cuppa and then keep going though most of the time. Note to self, sit and have a quiet moment with my cuppa!


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