Serenity: Week three : Get Messy Art Journal pages

Life stories, Mission statements, purpose…in the last week I’ve been pondering quite a bit thanks to a really great online story telling workshop I did with Pip Lincolne and this weeks Get Messy art journaling prompts. I think it’s good to think about these things from time to time, but not get bogged down in it. Balancing reflection with action, busyness and serenity. ” Live Laugh Love” isn’t exactly my mission statement in life, but it’s a good reminder to live life well and I happened to have it on hand as I did my page last night.
Following one of the prompts I had spent way too long down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, looking for inspiration and for ideas of new techniques to try. I was searching the #getmessyartjournal and finding fellow Get Messy art journalers to follow. Of course though, after all my searching for a new technique to try I was actually feeling a bit stuck , and there was a little bit of “other peoples pages” envy slowly but surely creeping in ( not to mention just general Pinterest board envy).
Fortunately one of my GM pals came to the rescue with a couple of suggestions about gesso and tape transfer. I had been thinking about using my stencils and voila, paper plus gesso plus packing tape and a photocopied quote and within about 15 minutes I had a page. ( Thank you Karen !) This morning I added some doodling to it and stuck on a traced image (thanks Miss P) and called it done.
For my second page, the prompt involved using a picture of ourselves and using someone elses page for inspiration. My Inspiration came from a page by Tanyalee ( Thank you ). I thought this would be a fun way to test drive my new selphy photo printer and it was ( after taking about 50 selfies till I had one that I felt was ok!).
The journaling is about what the main thing that comes between me and serenity is ….Me. Yep, I totally believe that! It’s all about the choices I make and how I choose to respond to what happens around me. So having just typed that I am now going to wind this up quickly and start the process of finishing the day, head off to bed being calm, so that I can be all fresh and full of beans tomorrow. I’ve got a few projects on the go and some things to Pin on Pinterest ha ha ha.
Emily x
p.s if you are a pinterest fan, please feel free to find me over there so I can follow you. I am @squiggleandswirl

10 thoughts on “Serenity: Week three : Get Messy Art Journal pages

  1. I like your sentiment that ‘we’ are what stands between ourselves and serenity.. We have to keep reflecting upon our choices for how we are filling our lives. Lovely pages Emily!


  2. I often feel the same Emily. At times, reading too many other blogs and articles can make you think “Um, mine is SO not as pretty/clever/interesting’ as this other person’s, what’s the point?’ You have to not think like that, but you’re right, we’re our own worst enemies in that way. Love your art journal and wise words x


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