A tad overwhelmed : 10 Things I am doing (looking forward to doing)


It’s completely my own doing, but it was making me feel like I was coming undone. Just a little bit, heart going a bit too fast, head spilling over with ideas, but not able to implement them because of the overwhelm feeling. Usually a cuppa and a few deep breaths does the trick , but I think I need to do a little bit more ( or less as the case may be!).

I get a bit overenthusiastic about signing on for things, with unreal expectations of what I can physically( or emotionally) do. The stupid thing is it doesn’t matter if I’ve signed up for a class and haven’t finished it, or if I bought an amazing new sketchbook but am too scared to start drawing in it, or if I have bought three old books, some paper, waxed linen and an awl to try binding a book but can’t seem to get around to it ( or bear to cut up the books). Shall I go on? You get the idea right.

My wool and granny squares are neglected, I am struggling to find time to read and let’s not talk even about my sewing machine ! But it’s OK, even as I typed that I felt something shift. I am going to make a cup (pot) of chai, finish this post, put some music on and then do whatever takes my fancy from my long and lovely list!

I will accept that I am a little bit crazy when it comes to overcommitting and give myself some cred for what I am doing ie: being a mum, working part time, shopping, cooking, keeping up with washing and oh I haven’t eaten sugar for 6 weeks!!! , and enjoy the busy creative ride that I am on…. woo hooo!!!

Just so you can see how cray cray I am and also some of the great things I am doing/ looking forward to doing, here is my list ( with some links included)

  • Get Messy art journaling ( Get Messy Thursdays)
  • Pam Garrison’s four part series on Creative Bug
  • Paint plan play by Ashley Goldberg on Studio Calico
  • Sketchbookery by Mary Ann Moss
  • Find your voice 2015 ( I’ve kind of failed this one, but hope to do a bit more at some stage)
  • #30 days of lists
  • collage club
  • granny square lap rug
  • Reading: The secret History by Donna Tartt
  • Browsing :Craft for the soul by Pip Lincolne, The creative seed by Lilian Wissink and Journal Fodder 365 by Scott and Modler ( think it may be overdue!).

Feel free to be overcommitted like me, or perhaps more sensible like you, but please don’t tell me about anything amazing that you are doing in case I find myself signing up for that too ( not today anyway haha)

Emily x

ps. I won a competition by Creativebug on Instagram for participating in a daily drawing challenge by Molly Hatch for 10 days. How amazing is that?! Thank you so much Molly Hatch and Creativebug! And thank you lovely readers for being here 🙂



27 thoughts on “A tad overwhelmed : 10 Things I am doing (looking forward to doing)

  1. Congratulations Emily! I love seeing your drawings on Instagram 🙂

    High-five over-committer! I’m in that boat at the moment, but I’m just paddling away, in no particular direction. Agreed, yes, let’s not mention the sewing machine. Mine is so unloved 😦

    No sugar for 6 weeks! AAAAAHHHHHH (that’s me running away frightened). How are you going with it? Which sugars have you cut out? I have read the I Quit Sugar book, but didn’t get much from it other than a few recipes (none of which I have tried). Many of the foods recommended make me unwell, haha, and they couldn’t recommend alternatives that fit in with their view of healthy eating. Ah well, at least we have tea!

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    1. I like that thought , paddling along ! I found the I quit sugar book at The op shop, planned on using it for recipes ended up cutting out sugar and not using the recipes … Go figure ??? Not sure what will be next but certainly less sugar ( and some dark chocolate !).

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  2. I can totally relate Emily:) How wonderful it is to have a long and lovely list to plod through. You’re enthusiasm is infectious. Congratulations on quitting sugar and also on your win. Yay! xx


  3. But it’s so nice to be involved!! I have to stop myself signing up for too much stuff but I am thinking of an art journaling course with Koosje Koene! Congrats on your little win!


  4. Ahhhh this is me! I like to call myself a ‘serial crafter’ – writing a post on that as I speak. I think we put more pressure on ourselves than anyone else does. Really, we should be enjoying the journey and all the wonderful activities we have access to. Enjoy your tea and craft!


  5. Congratulations on your win!
    I love your honesty in this post–and I definitely think sometimes we all over extend the things we can do, and moving from one to another, I know I have neglected things.
    Happy listing!


  6. Hi Emily, I can so relate to your words in this post – I am a bandit for over committing myself to things and plans for what I want to do. Much better than the alternative though hey ?!


    1. Ing, how did this not get to me! Or did it and I am replying twice? I think I will always be over committing myself but as long as I’m not stressing about it it’s all good. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. I totally relate to your feelings of overwhelm Emily, and as a fellow ‘over committer’ I’ve found it hard to let things slide, but sometimes a few things have to go into the ‘later’ box while you focus on more pressing projects.

    I also did not get very far with ‘Find Your Voice’ and have done NO serenity pages – argh. But I’m letting myself off with it because I will find my way again. And I’m going to have a cuppa anyway. AND – huge congrats on winning the Creative Bug comp!!! 🙂 xxx


  8. High-five! Sounds like you love learning and are interested in many great things. I can relate – I gave up on writing lists of all the creative ideas I have & things I wanted to do as they were getting ridiculously long. You should see my Ravelry & GoodReads queues 😂


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