Moments : Get Messy season of words : week 2


So glad I decided to keep things simple for this season! My creative days have been consumed with the stuff of life, parenting, working and of course taking care of my sick husband. Ooh that sounds a bit grumpy doesn’t it? Perhaps I am a little grumpy, feeling a little grief for the loss of my own time, my depleted energy (exhaustion) and increased stress levels.

So it was quite fortuitous that I had found and bought a copy of Flow:the mindfulness edition,before my husband ended up in hospital. Lots of interesting and inspiring stories and images about being in the moment, and lots of lovely paper to play with.

The prompts this week with Get Messy I just loved as soon as I read them. Finding time to actually do anything with them was a real challenge though. I literally snatched moments here and there to think about them and add layers to the pages in my mini altered book. And here I am at 7.30 am on Thursday taking a few minutes to hurriedly write this post, take some images and hopefully press publish so I can fulfil my commitment to complete art journal pages each week and share them. Might sound crazy but is the one thing I am keeping going, just for ME.


I am really looking forward to this weekend, slowing things down and taking some more moments to do what I love and be with the people I love. I hope you are too.

Emily x

imagep.s Hubby is home and improving a little each day 🙂


11 thoughts on “Moments : Get Messy season of words : week 2

  1. Yay that you have been able to still find a little bit of time for your journal! Hospitals and doctors and nurses can become a bit claustrophobic, leaving you craving for some normality, some normality. Having time for your journal gives you that. A bit envious of your copy of Flow – will gave to see if I can track one down x


  2. So great you have been able to keep that little sanctuary of art journaling time amidst the chaos of life for you just now, Emily. Your pages look very tranquil and calm and I think I need to get myself the current issue of Flow! Big hugs and I hope you get that chilled out weekend xx


  3. Really pleased to hear that Steve is well enough to leave hospital & be at home with you – you must be so relieved! Great that you found time for you – I love your colours & the calmness that comes across. Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend you certainly deserve it xx


  4. So glad that you have been able to find a bit of time for creating 🙂 I do love seeing images of your art journals! The colours this week are particularly lovely xo


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