Get Messy : Season of words : Week 3

Do you remember wearing one of your Dad’s old shirts as an art smock at school?  Well I do, and this week the prompts with Get Messy  had me to raiding my husbands business shirts to claim one for myself. I put it on, put my hair in a high pony tail and I was good to go. I felt like I was really getting myself into artist mode by preparing to make a big mess with paint and that’s exactly what I did!

I cut out a window in my mini art journal, which was a children’s board book in a previous life.


I spread out the newspaper and spattered paint to my hearts content and gee it felt good.


I used a book page and squashed the spatters and kind of regretted that.

I spattered some more because it was just so fun.


I added some words that I seem to always need to hear!


I sourced words for some Austin Kleon style blackout poetry.


I had ideas about another way to do black out poetry using masking fluid.

I tried them.

It failed.

I improvised.

It still looked weird.


I made time to take some photos in the beautiful late afternoon spring sunshine and I am writing this post before dinner.


And now I will share them here because, it’s Thursday, I’m in Get Messy Thursdays and art journaling is bringing me such joy at the moment. Creativity is awesome and today I am so grateful that after years of being on the back burner, the bottom of the list, filed away and forgotten my creative side is yelling out loud and clear… It’s TIME! and creative pursuits are getting bumped up to the top of my list ( well at least on Thursdays and in the top three or ten).

Thanks for reading! Did you wear an old shirt as an art smock? Do you have one now? Do tell .

p.s I didn’t do all this in one day ! I quarantined some time for myself on Tuesday and today as well. Thanks to Carolyn for the concept of quarantining time!


14 thoughts on “Get Messy : Season of words : Week 3

  1. Love the paint splattering! Please bring your journal with you when we meet next! I’d love to see it 🙂

    I still have an old shirt, I think it was my Dad’s, I used it when I was painting fabric in textiles in year 10 😀 Yay for old painting shirts.


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