One + four = Life : City Mouse and Regional Mouse


  1. As I dropped my lovely friend Carolyn back to the train station on Tuesday. I had this image of me being country mouse and her being city mouse. I had had such a nice day, chatting, wandering, drinking tea, looking at art and being on a creative outing with my city friend in my own town. She suggested rather than country I was more of a  regional mouse. I just love it “city mouse and regional mouse”, enjoying each other’s company, having little days away from routine and family commitments to see different things, talk about creative things and of course talk about routine and family commitments.I was so busy chatting I didn’t take many photos, but I kind of like this one. Cygnets are the cutest, but their parents are fiercely protective. These two were following Mamma swan back to the safety of the lake, no questions asked. The day left me feeling renewed and inspired and deserved more photos and words, but I am not up for the task currently, Carolyn however has written about it over on her blog Iris and Edie if you’d like to  read more.


2. The sun has been shining and my man’s health has been improving daily. Our little dog is happy we take her on the slow gentle strolls around the block, but perhaps a little perplexed as to why we are only going around the block. I normally am drawn to taking photos of magnolia’s, blossom and clouds, but on this day I noticed our shadows and thought what a perfect reminder of this time in our lives. Home from hospital, on a path to wellness and living life quite differently. By the way I am not actually that shape haha.


3. I made time for creative play with my art journal pages. Quarantining time for me and my creative pursuits keeps me going, is helping me to be able to stay me through all the change that is life right now and it just makes me Happy.


4. I received lots of kind wishes and paper goodies from some of my art journal buddies in Get Messy art journal group I’m part of. How kind people can be, and what a difference the support of others can make. Seriously, if you can find the time,write someone a letter, the world needs more snail mail.

One plus four = Life is back, the brain child of Pip Lincolne and now hosted by Isabel . I’m happy to be joining in this week ( even if I am a little late).

Ah 1+4 = Life, I have missed you. Hope I can make it an almost regular thing. If this idea appeals to you, head over to Isabel’s blog and see who else is joining in and what they have been up to and join in too, if you want to 🙂

One plus four = Life is back, the brain child of Pip Lincolne and now hosted by Isabel . I’m happy to be joining in this week ( even if I am a little late). Thanks for popping in.

Emily x


10 thoughts on “One + four = Life : City Mouse and Regional Mouse

  1. Yay! Welcome back to 1+4 land. I am so pleased to hear that your hubs is on the mend. I have signed up for the messy art journal e mails, but as per usual, I haven’t done anything about it yet! I seem to have started a ton of Skillshare and Creative Bug classes but not completed them. Oh well, I am learning lots I suppose!! I love the window of orange you have made. Shadow pictures are always fun!


    1. Thanks for the welcome back Clare! I was so happy to see you over in 1+4 land. I have been keeping up with get messy, but have signed up to lots of other classes that I want to catch up with. Of course I never will, because I keep finding new things . See you on the web somewhere soon. X


  2. Hi Emily! Thrilled to have you back on board for One + Four (and it doesn’t matter about being late…it’s all very relaxed and no-obligation). Sounds like a delightful day out with Carolyn, and the country/regional mouse analogy seems to fit perfectly. Good news that your husband is on the mend. I love the photo of your shadows!


  3. I love your approach to life Emily 🙂 And I’m so glad that Steve is slowly improving.
    Looks like a fun crafty stash there! Maybe you could teach us a bit of art journaling at the next II meeting, although it might get a bit messy for a public place 🙂 (I’m picturing paints and paper everywhere).


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