Get Messy : season of words : Back to front


My life is kind of upside down at the moment, and so really it makes perfect sense that I start to write this blog post before I complete my pages based on this weeks prompts from the Get Messy art journal challenge.

I didn’t realise how much in a groove I was with my creating until the groove kind of got disrupted. But that’s OK because I am flexible and capable of change ( or at least that’s what I like to think).

This weeks prompts really excited me. They are based around  favourite childhood stories and feelings attached to those. So I am glad it has taken me longer to get to the actual creating because that has given me more time for reflection.

I have always loved stories and books, ever since I can remember. My parents used to read to us nightly and my Dad even made up stories to tell us. Well at least that’s what I thought until last year when I learnt that some of them had been told by his father. My other Grandad also used to tell me tales, he was so animated and even though I can only remember snippets of the stories, my memories of those times spent captivated by his words are gold to me.

Later on I was a complete book worm and spent so many afternoons reading on my bed. Out of all the books I read as a child, there a handful that I can remember reading and loving. Somehow they stuck with me and as an adult I have been able to revisit some of them and share them with my girls. Seeing them enjoy them as much as I did has been a real treasure.

I based my collage/spliced image spread around the book Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell One of my early favourites. I’ve been thinking about how books allowed me to escape, but also perhaps learn something about myself. A turning inward, trying on something for size. I think about some of my favourites like My side of the Mountain, A wrinkle in time and The Nimbin, and know that I must have imagined myself in those situations, finding the strength, courage and resilience to deal with difficult situations. Perhaps they gave me some insight into what I may be capable of, or what kind of person I am?

My next spread is on a back drop of a photocopy of retro pillow cases. The purple floral one is actually mine that I’ve kept for 40 years, so I thought it perfect to tie in my past to now( the others I’ve collected for a future project). I copied a name plate from one of my other very early faves, threw in some doodled flowers and words,kept it simple, which is my them for this little altered book and I’m calling it done.


How about you, did you love story time, stories and books when you were younger ? Do you still ? I feel so lucky as I tap away tonight, because of all the words. I’m no master of words, but words have brought me so much joy. Thanks for reading mine.

Emily xx


4 thoughts on “Get Messy : season of words : Back to front

  1. I was a complete book worm, Emily. Secret Seve, Famous Five, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew.,.oh, so many. I remember reading multiple books a night. I took so much vicarious pleasure in their adventures. Lost my at a bit when my studies became rather time consuming and when the kids were little but getting back to it now!


  2. I haven’t read Island of the Blue Dolphins – and dolphins are my favourite animal! Will have to hunt it down at the library. Absolutely agree – stories are both powerful and comforting.


  3. LOVE the photocopied pillow case – such gorgeous colours and pattern and an amazing idea. And of course, now I’m intrigued as to the other project you are planning with your stash of retro pillowcases??

    I also have very fond and vivid memories of being read to as a child. Our art journals – and especially this altered book for the current season – will be more like diaries I think; a kind of ‘now and then’ and I love it xx


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