One plus four = Life : Spring

image1. Spring is here, and I think it is the most beautiful season here in Ballarat. I spotted these pink blooms while driving and made a snap decision to pull over and take a picture. It’s too easy not to take those opportunities because of time constraints, but looking at this image I’m so glad I did.


2. Sketchbook magic. I knew there must be a reason I hadn’t cancelled my skillshare membership. It may have been so I could do this series of classes by Ria Sharon. I found Ria to have a really engaging style and these short lessons are based around common reasons/excuses not to make art a part of daily life, but also some practical ideas as to how you can. There were some gems that really resonated with me and I’m pleased to say that I have actually made some  more marks in my sketchbook. I have also added lots more classes onto my list and now need a week off work haha. Thanks Clare for the heads up on this class.


3. Did I mention it’s spring. This is our old walnut tree on a beautiful spring day.


4. Playing with colour.

I actually just love mixing watercolours and painting spots. No overthinking, or judgment just play and discovery of what happens when you mix different colours together. Creative play brings me joy, how about you?

I hope you have had a nice weekend wherever you live and whichever season it is and of course I hope you had at least a little time to play.

Emily 🙂

p.s I forgot to mention that Isabel is kindly hosting the One Plus four = life posts if you want to join in too.

p.p.s skillshare often  has specials on to sign up for one month free and I think that is the case at the moment via @riasharon on Instagram if this course appeals to you. Or you could do what I did and sign up and still be signed up a year later.It actually is great value really. (p.s not sponsored just sounding a bit that way)


10 thoughts on “One plus four = Life : Spring

    1. Yes they are beautiful. I also love how they come to life with water and then dry up ready for the next time you want to use them. I have pencils too but the pans are my favourite !


  1. Beautiful watercolour dots Emily – you’re totally inspiring me to get into some creative play! Love your walnut tree too 😀


  2. It’s so important to make time to stop to drink in the beauty around us….What lovely bright colours in your watercolour spots (I agree, sometimes its nice to just experiment with no ‘end point’ in sight!)….that’s a mightily impressive tree you have there. Wow! (And do you get walnuts from it?)…..Helen


  3. That’s such a great way to play with watercolours! I’ve tried playing with watercolour pencils but not paints, paints were a bit scary 🙂 But I love the dots idea. I’m going to have to try it, thanks Emily! No play time this weekend, but looking forward to creative time next weekend (hopefully!). Hope you have a great week 🙂


  4. I know what you mean about classes, I have enrolled and started about 10 and not finished any…..need to do something about that I think! Only today I saw a couple more I want to take! I love your watercolour spots, I might have a bash at that idea for my daily art fix. Thanks! Pretty flowers are always worth stopping for.


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