Shine : Get Messy Art Journal: Season of words : week 5


This collaged page of found words is about me in this chapter of my creative life.

I started, Saying Yes, finding inspiration, inspiring others, living a more creative life, making new friends, discovering the magic that is creativity, playing, learning to express myself “artistically” and loving all of it.


This double page spread represents something so kind and touching that was said to me, a gift of words that I will treasure and every time I see this now I will remember them. It also is about all the kind words that I have been given since I started sharing my creative bits and pieces on Instagram, here on my blog and in real life too. All the little stars are the words I have received, and maybe the words I give out too and they help me to find my shine and keep sharing and shining.

This is possibly my favourite week ever of art  journaling. It feels like learning to art journal is like learning a new language and this week I had some precious moments of being able to say what I felt with paper, scissors, glue and a sharpie.

It’s a super quick post because in about an hour my Mum is arriving for a short visit and I am doing this ahead of time so I can post on Get Messy Thursday. Thanks so much for popping in and happy Thursday to you.

Emily x


8 thoughts on “Shine : Get Messy Art Journal: Season of words : week 5

  1. Love your paint-splodge page so much Emily, and love that all the stars on your ‘Shine’ spread represent the special words given and received – just beautiful xx


    1. Thank you Rebecca, I was quite pleased with my stars idea, it was a nice change from writing too. xx oh and I can highly recommend splodging some paint, lots of fun!


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