What.. already! Week 6: Season of Words: Get Messy Art Journal

The last couple of months have gone by in a bit of a blur to be honest. Sometimes I feel like I’m just going through the motions of life. The necessity of work, of cooking, of feeding the pets and changing the kitty litter. Life has a certain amount of rhythm which seems to carry me along with it. Even though the rhythm has altered dramatically and life seems kind of topsy turvy, the days go by, I get things done, the washing gets dried and then dirty again. But once a week I find myself writing a blog post about my art journal pages, because art journaling and creating have become an essential part of life for me these days. YAY!!!


This season has been my favourite so far since joining Get Messy Art Journal at the start of the year, and this weeks prompts didn’t disappoint. Did I mention that I accidentally filled my little altered book? Well I did, but I wanted to keep the season within this little book so I got creative today and made a little insert. Some pages smeared with gesso and stuck together with washi tape. It’s a bit like it’s own little chapter. There’s even a note to self tucked into the envelope.


I often see other people’s pages that inspire me and I know that that inspiration and those ideas sometimes germinate into new ideas in my own creations. Without even realising it I am sure that part of my art journal learning is from other people in the group who share their wonderful pages. I have gotten into the habit of looking after I create though, so as to not to feel intimidated.

This week’s prompts included searching the #getmessybooks and #getmessyartjournal hashtag on Instagram for inspiration. I’m stealing like an artist and planning on doodling on a page and writing a simple phrase . Thanks @paperputat, @cayleegrey and @thehandcraftedstory for the inspiration.


I’ve written this post in instalments as a time management strategy. Finding myself sitting here rushing to complete this post so I can be full present to my family for dinner and the evening ( and enjoy a cold glass of Sauv. Blanc). so forgive this rushed and disjointed post. Even my pages have been  done in stages which is actually quite a nice way to go about things.


I’m pleased with myself for posting each Thursday  about my  get messy art journaling. Now the season is over I’ve got some catching up on other posts to do, like 1+4=Life and Taking Stock and maybe even Plugged vs. Unplugged post.

I  also plan on doing some promptless, random, loose pages. Maybe I’ll do a sneaky bit of stealing, or try to express something I don’t feel like shouting out to the whole world. Or maybe I’ll have a little break and recharge before the next season begins not to mention the silly season….What Already!

Thanks for popping in lovely readers.

Emily x


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