Plugged vs. Unplugged


Seems like everyone I know has written a great and interesting post about the plugged vs. unplugged subject. Well that is amongst my online friends, well actually in the blogging group I belong to Blog with Pip. After reading this post By Erin about online and offline life, Pip Lincolne gave us an optional assignment to write a post on this topic. Apparently I want to pipe in with a few words on this too, so here they are.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had only ever read a few blogs, I had a smallish number of facebook friends and they were all people I had actually met, I didn’t have Instagram, didn’t know about creative bug, craftsy, or skillshare and I definitely didn’t know what FOMO stood for.

Today I find myself catching up on what my blogging friends have written about this topic, trying to find time to leave a comment, chatting on Whats app with my art journaling pals, having a few sneaky peeks on Facebook, seeing how people responded to my comments, catching up on Instagram ( but not catching up), checking my emails on my phone, replying to comments on my blog and seeing what other people in Get Messy art journal have been up to this week, hearing from my Mum that one of her friends reads my blog ( hello and thank you) and now trying to turn my words into a blog post. All of this in amongst being present to my physical surroundings.


Ahem, sorry what did you say? Present? Sorry loved ones, I didn’t hear you because I have an amazing ability to block everything and everyone around me out. Sorry did you ask me something? Did I not respond when you told me what a beautiful day it is? I’m conversing with some one in New York at the moment, sorry! Sorry I’m just trying to comment on this blog and my computer is hanging. Sorry, I’m writing a blog post!!!

Like everything in life for me there are times when I get the balance just right and times when I really don’t! That is the nature of me. Despite this I wouldn’t choose a life unplugged. As Carolyn so eloquently put it  ” My life is the richer for it” and that’s exactly how I feel about it.

Online, I have learnt new things, my creativity has been strengthened and stretched. I have made connections with people all around the world and feel fortunate to be part of two wonderful online communities. I am sharing my thoughts and creative explorations and reading and seeing other peoples too. I am fortunate that the online friendships I have made are spilling out into my real life, with Meet ups, virtual hugs and support and the loveliest snail mail too.


But/and there are times when I actually need to turn off the devices, step away from the screen, resist the urge to be connected and be more present in my physical world. Times I need to not look outside or away for information or inspiration,but look around me and inside me to see what’s happening here. Times when I need to switch off and get things done. Like now!


Thanks for reading. If you want to read some more about this topic check out Pip’s post at Meet me at Mikes and the in the comments are links to others plugged vs, unplugged posts. Oops nearly forgot to pick my daughter from school!



p.s I’m a day late with my assignment. #badstudent

13 thoughts on “Plugged vs. Unplugged

  1. I am pleased you are plugged in! I think for us quiet ones being plugged in is a great way to find like minds. And then if we can actually get to meet these lovely faces in real life, that is ace x


  2. I feel really bad that I had to step away from the WhatsApp GM group but I found it was taking over my life….just too many messages to keep up with! Haha..saying that I would always go with plugged…!


  3. Hi Emily – I also love the connections that the online world foster (and creative communities like Blog with Pip) and can’t imagine going back to a time without those things. And I’d forgotten there even was a whatsapp group for Get Messy – I have been a really bad student with that!! I’ve been single focusing on my book for the last few months and making such good progress, but I hope to be back in the midst of things soon! xx


    1. That’s so great that you are making progress on your book Rebecca! You are definitely bad student, I’d say you have the plugged vs. unplugged balance sorted out. I really enjoyed reading your words about that too!


  4. I couldn’t agree more! I hope you remembered your daughter!! When I think back just over the past year, I have learnt so much and met so many people, all because we are plugged in. Hurrah for the interwebs!


    1. I did, but actually my hubbie picked her up and I finished the blog post! Yes there are so many things to be gained. I really enjoyed your post about it too Clare.


  5. It’s crazy how we can instantly block out our surroundings and the people talking to us by looking at the screen! You’re right, it is instant and so absorbing and a little scary. I seem to be doing it more and more, must try not to. Glad you joined in the chat about this Emily! And yay for internet -> real life friends! xo


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