Happy Times : One + Four = Life

Four photos and some time to reflect about the good things in my week, that’s what 1+4=Life is about.


  1. My Mum and I had the same idea the other day. Well my idea was to go out and buy myself a copy of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and her idea was to buy it for me. I’m calling that little magic. Thanks Mum! People who support your passion in life are treasures and my Mum is definitely one of those. ( and she even reads my blog – Hi Mum).


2. I gave myself Saturday to play and met some resistance from myself. I started by tidying up this space a bit thinking that wasn’t helping, but the truth is I was just a bit stuck and there was a niggling little voice in my ear saying not very encouraging things. Like “what’s the point?”, “why have you got so much stuff?” and “you’re not an artist so what do you think you are you doing?”. It’s not always easy to argue with that voice but somehow I managed to still do a little creating and at the end of the day it was enough. I won the argument by just creating anyway.

image3. After writing about a plugged vs. unplugged life, I finally got myself back to gym this week and found that all the cardio equipment has been upgraded so that you can be plugged into social media as you get your heart rate up and sweat it out.I won’t be doing that, I kind of like gym time to be unplugged, plus I’m too unfit and unco to manage typing and exercising.


4. Today I took myself off to Melbourne to catch up with some of the lovely people I’ve met through doing a creativity course over one year ago. We chatted about what we are all up to at the moment, what we are reading, how we make time for our creativity, how glad we are that we signed up for Inspiration Information, and lots,lots more! Actually I’m still kind of buzzing with happiness. We all brought something along, kind of like show and tell. There were sketchbooks, peg dolls and jewellery and we heard about Karen’s next writing challenge. I actually felt a little emotional seeing some of the sketches and doodles I’ve liked on Instagram in real life. Images that I have double tapped on my Ipad, were in my hands. So yes, I am pretty happy right now. Thanks Annette, Carolyn, Deanna, Karen and Melinda, it was a really inspiring and heart happy making day.

Looking back over the week is actually a lovely thing to do. Remembering to take photos is another thing. ( I need to work on that). Last weekend I spent hours and hours and finally finished “making” a photobook of our family photos for 2013.(Yay now I’m only nearly 2 years behind!). Some of the photos that I take for these posts may never end up in an album, but they are moments that I’d like to remember. How about you? Do you take time to stop and take photos and reflect on your life or do you stick to family events? If you want to join in 1+4, or see what other people have done this week head over to Isabel’s blog.

Emily 🙂

p.s one more because how beautiful are these blooms I spotted at the Prahran Market today?



16 thoughts on “Happy Times : One + Four = Life

  1. It was a lovely day. Seeing everyone’s work was very special. I am enjoying taking photos of moments in the week. It’s just a nice little record of the everyday happenings that make up life.


    1. It sure was. The 4 photos is such a great idea, otherwise weeks and weeks can just slip by. I like taking a few moments so that I can remember some of the nice everyday things too.


  2. An artist is a creator…and that’s what you do so YOU ARE AN ARTIST. Don’t let those voices tell you any different. How awesome is your gym! I do think you should be working a bit harder if you can manage to type while running but that’s just me 😜. I really wish there was a creative meet up in Brisbane like that you have in Melbourne. I can understand your excitement seeing creations in real life it would be surreal. Do let us know what you think about big magic and if it’s worthwhile. Don’t stop doing what your doing…so long as it makes you happy who gives a shit about any thing else. OK.


  3. If you create, you are a creator! If you do the verb, you deserve the noun. I like to be unplugged at the gym, too – I am not coordinated enough to swipe and run at the same time! And it’s lovely to let my mind wander. Such a great day yesterday – I am inspired to get out my sketchbooks now.


    1. Well I must be a creator ( and a procrastinator too). I hope you get your sketchbooks out Karen, although you are going to be very busy writing 1600 words a day I think! Lovely to catch up with you again.


  4. ‘Big Magic’ is so on my list Emily – love that you and your Mum were both thinking about it and she got it for you.

    The Melbourne meet-up sounds so amazing and I just wish I could be nearer! The ‘show and tell’ sounds (and looks) amazing. Creativity and connection with like-minded peeps is definitely where the magic is! xx


  5. I try & take photos most days if I remember – I’ve just about kept my Project Life up to date this year with a double spread each month of random pics & some family ones!
    How lovely to actually meet up with like minded people, it really does make a difference.
    Would also love to hear how you get on with ‘Big Magic’….enjoy reading! xx


    1. I don’t know anything about project life Gill, but if it helps you take photos it must be good. I’ll let you know how I go with Big Magic, but don’t expect a book review, I’m not good at those. 🙂


  6. I know that voice very well, and you did the right thing – ignored it and created anyway! There doesn’t have to be a point, in fact the point is to enjoy it and stand back when your are done with a smile on your face. Your art always makes me happy anyway. The meet up looks like a lovely time.
    I am terrible at taking random but useable photos through the week! Sometimes I can barely cobble four together, but then some weeks there seem to be hundreds to choose from.
    Well done on the 2013 album, photos is albums are so nice to look through.
    I bought Big Magic not long ago and I need to start reading it. I tend to read fiction before bed and never find a good time to tackle non fiction!


  7. I just started reading Big Magic as well. So far it’s really great! There is a lot in it that resonates. A big message seems to be about our battle as creatives thinking we are never good enough. I hope I manage to get on top of that. Looks like you are doing really well. I’m so impressed that you are up to 2013 with your family albums. I’m still stuck somewhere back in the late 1990’s. So much to catch up on. I think I might start doing this One + Four = Life post. Just to motivate me to take more photos. xx


    1. Hi Deb, sorry for my late reply. Big Magic is great so far, although I must admit I got busy doing other things on the weekend and need to get back to it. Hopefully see you over on Isabel’s blog at some stage, I know how busy life is! xx


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