Looking Back : Get Messy Art Journal


Someone asked me the other day what art journaling actually is, I was thinking about that a lot this week. I had middle of the night ideas to write an amazing blog post with the definition of art journaling and links to resources. Instead I’m going to write about what art journaling is to me.

Some people have this wonderful ability to express their emotions through their art, so with their art journals they “art it out” when they are going through things. Other people use their art journals as a place to record their observations of the world around them, or their experiences. Art journals can be used to try different techniques, mediums, colour palettes or ideas.

Me, well for me art journaling is like learning a new language. It’s is a way to try and express myself with colour shapes and images rather than words ( although I love using words). My art journal is a bit like a little creative sandpit where I can try ideas out, and make things that are an expression of me. Even though I do share lots of what I do online, the pages stay in the book so really the outcome is not about producing “art” or “memory keeping” but about exploring my creative side and making just because it feels good.

No surprise then really that I have found it such a good fit for me. Joining Get Messy art journal challenge gave me lots of opportunities to learn new things, and also a way of being accountable so that I actually have created lots of pages. This week thanks to Julia’s brilliant suggestion, some of us are looking back over what we have created this year. (Thanks Jules)


I’ve chosen some of  my favourites and made these collages which really make me smile. Of course there were some pages I really don’t like now, but  I think that’s what it’s all about. Sticking with it, keeping on going and now and then looking back to see how far you have come. Don’t you agree?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.



13 thoughts on “Looking Back : Get Messy Art Journal

  1. These are lovely, Emily, and os is your art journaling story! ❤ For me, art journaling is one big experiment, perfect for trying new things and it is also a great way to get my feelings out on to paper.


    1. Thanks Rebecca, it really was good to have a look back and see how much I’ve done. Usually I’m thinking about how behind I am with things. Yes the sandpit analogy is great isn’t it. It’s my happy place. xx


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