Monday morning musings:One + Four=Life

Last week I actually took some photos during the week with the thought of including them in my 1+4 post, Sunday night came around and I was writing a post in my head (as you do), but I’d left it too late. Sunday afternoon/evening was just beautiful and included a nice stroll to the lake and a sit around our chiminea chatting, followed by some family T.V time to break up the study for Miss 17. It simply wasn’t blog writing time.

This morning however I find myself drawn to my blog, thinking about words and pictures and what I want to say. What I want to write for myself in my journal, what goes in our family photo album and what I want to put out into the world via my little blog. Blogging is such a weird thing isn’t it? or is it?

Anyway,what I want to say here is:


  1. Knowing I wanted to write this post, I paused in my dashing around town this week so that I could show you how pretty it is where I live and so that I can remember the moment.


2. We went to see The Dressmaker. It was so nice to have time with my daughter and go the cinema, just the two of us. Cinema 1 is the old theatre, it’s absolutely huge and you can still see lots of the original features amidst the changes that have been made over the years. It turned out to be a fund raising night for Breast Cancer research,so it was really well attended , predominantly by women, which made for a laughter filled and perhaps tear stained evening (I’m sure I couldn’t have been the only one).image

3. They say you never know what is around the corner and on the way home we spotted this baby ring tailed possum in the middle of the road. There were a couple of moments of wondering whether to just move him and leave him for his Mum to find but then we decided it was just too cold and perhaps a cat was lurking around. I knew about Badgar the wildlife rescue service and called them straight away. Luckily for us it took them 45 minutes to arrive, so we could keep him safe and warm and grow quite fond of him. I’m hoping he’s ok and they let us know. We miss the little guy, he was just adorable!


4. Sunday morning was breakfast at a local café, sitting outside in the sunshine feeling content and happy. I had a lovely weekend. My husband was away on his annual “boys weekend” and as awful as it sounds, I really needed some time by myself…. REALLY needed it! I had some time to just fluff around with my creative things, danced around the house a bit with the music blaring, pottered around, spent time with my daughter who has been studying her little heart out and caught up with a good friend to do some more digital scrapbooking ( chat and drink wine).

The good thing was that when my man came home, I was glad to have him back. As we chatted around the chiminea last night about house painting, camping and how well our girls are doing I felt like he is returning a bit more to himself (and me) after a very long and still not over convalescence period. I’m so grateful for that. I have missed him so much!

I hope last week was good to you too. Thanks for reading. If you’re a blogger and you want to do a 1+4 = Life post Isabel is hosting on her great blog Nanjing Nian . If not, I hope you feel inspired to take a few extra snaps of your week, because I think that the little moments that we can capture, can really tell more of our story than all the big celebration type photos can, do you?



8 thoughts on “Monday morning musings:One + Four=Life

  1. Lovely post, Em. I think you have really captured family life – lots of just ordinary, beavering away stuff interspersed with moments of joy and beauty that we need to grab hold of and treasure. Pleased to hear your man is on his way back – yes, it is slow – and good luck to Miss 17.


  2. I want to see The Dressmaker, although mainly for the clothes! I was given two Gold Class tickets but they’re being saved for Star Wars 😀 I prefer going to the older cinemas (eg. Westgarth, Balwyn), it adds the experience and makes going to the movies a little special.

    Your weekend sounded lovely 🙂 Let us know if you get an update on the teeny tiny possum please. It is so cute!!


  3. Hi Emily. It does look very pretty where you live, I love those tree lined streets! I haven’t been to the movies in ages, I might have to plan a girls night soon! My house is also quiet this weekend with hubby away on a work trip. It’s great to have some time alone, but i am looking forward to him coming home. I hope it’s a great week ahead. 🙂


    1. Thanks Ruthie, I love going to the cinema and yet I haven’t been for absolutely ages. I hope you get there soon and can recommend The Dressmaker. Hope you have a great week too. 🙂


  4. Great photos and post! You are so right about the everyday snapshots being just as important as the events and celebrations. When we look back on photos from years and years ago, it is the clothes, the houses and cars in the background which give away the era best. I nearly didn’t album a photo this week of the school parade at Halloween because you couldn’t really see much of the kids, but it was taken down a local street so I kept it, so we can look back and laugh at the old fashioned cars and clothes in thirty years!!


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