Magical Books: Get Messy Art Journal: Magic : week 2

At the moment my pages are incomplete, but I’m writing this post first because this morning in order to get over my temporary creative freeze/panic I decided that the outcome isn’t important. I mean really it doesn’t matter if this week’s ( or any week’s) pages turn out to be disappointing or even complete rubbish! I needed to remind myself of this and just get started, and guess what, it worked.

I started by glueing down the image of a Narnia map, then I  smeared gesso on some pages and somewhere along the way I felt my creative spark. I painted a wardrobe and suddenly the ideas were coming thick and fast, I couldn’t even keep up with them!

Unfortunately though, the real world interrupted (as it does) and I found myself doing responsible adult things, which were nowhere near as fun as cutting out little stars from a paint sample card, or trying to draw a little black cat.

So I carry my ideas with me till I can sit in front of my art journal again, and I’m happy that regardless of the outcome, that I actually had ideas flowing, I feel inspired to create and I’ve got some cut and paste fun waiting for me at home.


My pages are based on the prompts from the Get Messy art journal group and had me thinking about one of my favourite childhood books and also one of my children’s favourites. Which then had me thinking just about how wonderful it is to love reading as a child and how children’s imaginations can be really ignited and then this transfers into their play and then later on to memories.


I was amazed to see how many books we still have based around the theme of Magic. I feel so fortunate to have experienced the wonder,excitement and mystery of magic in stories that I read as child, and to have watched my own children do that too!

There are the themes of good vs. evil, sometimes that’s really scary, but  I think to be able to explore these themes with your children is just another facet to parenting.

And with that I’m off to watch some Gilmore Girls with my family, which is the closest we get to bed time stories these days.

Emily 🙂

p.s Books for Inspiration were The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and Meg and Mog by Helen McNicholl, illustrated by Jan Pienkowski . ( in case you couldn’t guess).



10 thoughts on “Magical Books: Get Messy Art Journal: Magic : week 2

  1. Oh Emily, I so loved reading your post! Your Meg witch is spot on, and your wardrobe is gorgeous.I may quote you – ‘how wonderful it is to love reading as a child and how children’s imaginations can be really ignited and then this transfers into their play and then later on to memories.’


    1. Thank you so much Karen for your lovely comment. The best bit of this weeks art journaling really was remembering those precious times and and sharing them with the girls. I must admit I do feel a little nervous when I know you’ve read my posts because my grammar is below par, but I’m glad I’m not letting that stop me from writing. Thanks for reading. x


  2. When I started digging around at home for children’s books for Penny I was like you amazed at how many we still had tucked away in drawers, wardrobes, boxes in the loft…it’s just so magical to watch them get drawn into a book and to enjoy the same book over and over again when very young!
    PS I love your drawings!


  3. Love the wardrobe and your inspirations for this week Emily. It’s funny isn’t it how sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in the act of creativity, of starting something, and then the ideas come. I too am surprised by how much magic is around, and it definitely feels like the more we keep our eyes open to it, the more there is. I hope you manage to get all your ideas down before they disappear into the wardrobe! xx


    1. Thanks Rebecca, I am better when I can immerse myself rather than stop and start, but I want to get better at being able to jump in and out. I’m looking forward to seeing what you created this week too! x


  4. Meg and Mog were great stories. My younger brother was a big fan. My kids shared in them too as Mum had kept so many of our books. And it’s always exciting to share in a bit of magic with your children.


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