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If you know me, or have read my blog, you probably know that sometimes I want to do all the things. I have an enthusiasm for learning and getting involved and if I decide to do it, I just will. I can kind of put my blinkers on and sign up to things on a whim, write way to many things on my do list etc. etc.

Well sometimes life has other plans! And this week after starting on these pages, having a shower and getting into my PJ’s, I was getting back into my clothes and heading up to the emergency department with my man. That really is his story so I won’t yack on too much about it here, but he’s ok. It is a hiccup in his journey back to wellness, an unplanned detour.

So anyway, back to art journaling and I’ve written myself a note (excuse) to get out of completing all the pages I had ideas and plans for. Instead I am sharing these two pages which represent me with all my ideas sparking,my love of life and of being inspired to do all the things and the pleasure I get from writing or sketching in a journal.

The news is on, our cat is chasing a fly and I need to finish this blog post so I can give it a tick, and start on the Christmas cards. Or alternatively pour a glass of wine, write a new list for tomorrow and fall asleep on the couch.

I hope you are more organized than me and your Christmas shopping is done and cards are in the mail , and you are still getting time to do what you love. Um how did December arrive so quickly!!!




6 thoughts on “Do all the things : Get Messy Art Journal : Magic

  1. I hope Steve is back on track really quickly Emily. December is definitely a complicated juggling act where more balls get added and the number of days taken away…aagh. Like Carolyn I’d have gone with the wine option….haha!


  2. My first thoughts are I love that you are so multi-passionate (like me!) with all your creative endeavours and your pages this week really sing with that energy. Secondly, so sorry to hear your hubby is not well again. That must have been a big shock so sending big hugs and love for his speedy return home.

    Often doing creative things like art journaling helps to take your mind off the bigger things. And the wine too! Go with the wine! xxx

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