My mum is pretty awesome: One+Four=Life

Well if you have been reading here for a while you probably have figured out that my Mum is pretty awesome ( hello she evens comments on my blog !). Mostly that is her story, but it’s also our story so I thought I’d just say a few words here today.


Among other things my mum is the most generous person you could ever meet! Generous of word, actions, her time, knowledge and love. I like to think I am quite generous, but next to her I feel kind of stingy. Anyhow this week she gave our family an amazing, super generous and very exciting gift… a thermomix. We had a fun demo on Friday night (thank you lovely friends for coming) and have been researching recipes and thinking of names in anticipation of it’s arrival. I promise not to turn my blog into a thermomix cooking blog, but this was definitely a highlight of the week, month, year! Sometimes it’s hard to say a big enough thank you, so I’m going to say lots of them. Thank you Mum x



Our Christmas tree is up, on time. I only got one photo of the girls decorating it and I’ve cropped it to avoid embarrassment, but I love how it captures their height, their hands and a treasure of a decoration. Children made decorations are such treasures aren’t they?


This is what our table looked like before I did the pre having guests tidy up. Christmas, plus art journaling, a naughty cat and an opened box of favourites. Why do I ever think buying them in advance on special is a good idea?


Lastly, to good health, the hiccup during the week has passed and things are back to normal ( well the current version of normal). What an enormous relief ! It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and this is how our walnut tree looks in Summer, lit up by some warm afternoon sun. Actually it looks so much better than that.

Thanks Isabel (who blogs at Nanjingnian), for hosting the 1+4 = life posts. They really are an enjoyable blog post to write.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your pre Christmas build up is merry and bright.

Emily 🙂



13 thoughts on “My mum is pretty awesome: One+Four=Life

  1. I’m feeling more chipper after reading your post! It’s funny how the Christmas tree shrinks over time, isn’t it? We always used to do ours on the first weekend in December but now I like to wait until school is all finished, so next weekend it is! Looking forward to photos of delicious thermomix recipes!


    1. Thanks Carolyn, I’m glad I helped with your chipper levels. I am so behind with everything else Christmas related but having the tree up creates the illusion of being organized haha. Enjoy your tree decorating and the celebration of another school year completed. x


  2. I love your lovely creative life Emily and your messy table with all the vibrance and joy spread out all over it. So good to hear that things are back on track too and I feel the same about my Mum – Mum’s are more than special, they are magic 🙂 xx


  3. You have a walnut tree in your garden? Wow. Lucky duck. That thermomix looks pretty amazing, and your mum sounds like a special woman. What a nice gift! I can’t say we’ve been getting on to any Christmas decorating here in China, but it will all systems go once we arrive home. We usually grab a branch off Steve’s family’s much larger Christmas tree, that serves very well for our small lounge room in our apartment, and provides the required pine-y smell. Mmm. I do love the smell of Christmas x


  4. Oh how I love that messy table. It actually looks a lot like mine. So much creativity! Your mum sounds truly wonderful – a Thermomix!! I’ve always wanted one. Will be interested to hear how it goes. Make sure you post some recipes. We still haven’t put our tree up yet. As the kids get older we’re tending to hold off until all school and activities have finished for the year. xx


  5. I want to come and play at your table and eat Favorites (are they chocolates? I hope so!). We are going to decorate our tree this week, so I need to bring up the ‘Christmas box’ from the basement. Yes, all of those decorations made in school by tiny hands are so precious.
    I am happy that you are all back to ‘normal’ on the health front. x

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