Magic of art journaling : Get Messy : Magic (4)


Discovering what fun art journaling can be has been kind of magical for me. I just love it more and more each week. I think this page reflects that really well!

Having a deadline, means I just make myself sit down to create. Some days this is harder than others , today was one of those days! I came up with this page inspired by a great tutorial by Essie on the Get Messy blog and fuelled by my feelings. Suddenly I had a page I like, with my emotion expressed. I’m calling that a win.


Get messy art journal is over here if you want to find out more. Sorry for the quickest post ever, but I’m going out for dinner in half an hour. They don’t call it the silly season for nothing hey.


9 thoughts on “Magic of art journaling : Get Messy : Magic (4)

  1. I just had a read of Essie’s tutorial! So amazing. I love what you’ve done here Emily. I’m finding it so hard to make the time for art journalling. But when I do I love it and wish I had more time to spend on it. It’s a battle I tell ya!


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