After party/ afternoon light


As I am sitting down to type this my eldest daughter sleeps a medicated, post anaesthetic, day time sleep after having her wisdom teeth out this morning. It’s a humid warm day after a good soaking of night summer rain. The doors are open and our home is still and quiet.

I have no idea what this blog post will be about, only that I wanted to pop in here in this quiet moment to say hello.

Christmas came and went, then New Years, a birthday, then a belated 70th celebration followed by another birthday ( 18th), and you know the usual, work , shopping, etc. etc. etc. Suddenly it’s rapidly approaching February and the end of summer school holidays ( of course I’m not allowed  to say that out loud !)

I’ve started the year with intentions rather than resolutions and so far that is going really well. My intentions are around finding time each day to sketch or draw and art journal. To support me in this endeavour I have enrolled in Sketchbook Skool, am joining in with the 31 day drawing challenge on Creative bug by Lisa Congdon and I have a few different art journal projects on the go.

some of my January drawings


I also enrolled in a course called Level Up – The Creative’s guide for getting it done. I’m only in the first week and I can already see that I’ll be learning lots and making some changes so that I can manage all I want to do, feel less overwhelmed and ultimately have more time to do what I want to do.


So that’s pretty much me in a nutshell right now. I’m thinking once school goes back I will find a new rhythm for exercise, blogging,blog reading and creative time, but for now, for January I am content to go with the flow and eek out the minutes here and there for some sketching, reading, learning and hanging out with my family.

I hope all is well with you.

Emily 🙂


9 thoughts on “January

  1. Must be the day for feeling like we need to get back to blog land! Hope Soph recovers well. We are trying to ignore the ‘back to school’ day too. That ‘back to school’ falls on Pip’s birthday makes it all a bit much, too! Hope Soph recovers well and can move past the mushy food quickly!


  2. Going with the flow is the perfect mindset for creativity Emily, and I am so loving your daily sketchings. I’d be struggling to pick a favourite here but definitely roses, those owls, mushrooms, bikinis…all of them! I am still adjusting into a routine again after the holidays and its been rather cold here. Looking forward to our art swap surprises in the next season of Get Messy! xx


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