Sketching time at the beach

I’ve been thinking a lot about time, my use of time, how quickly time has gone, how some things take too much of my time, other things I don’t seem to have enough time for, well you get the picture.

No big major decisions (yet), just the sense that the need to prioritise on a daily, weekly, monthly basis is an ongoing challenge for me.

Do I hang out the washing or write a blog post, do some art journaling or go to gym, meet a self imposed deadline and feel exhausted or …. not.

I don’t really want to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. I actually want to feel energized, calm and creative. So, I’ll keep on learning how to use my time “better” for me.

I’m going to give myself art journal time, sketchbook time, reading time, meditating time, exercise time and getting stuff done time. I kind of do most of this already, but rather than think of things as a commitment or habit, I’m thinking of them as a gift to myself. It’s time for a new mind map I think.

I’ll be sharing weekly art journal updates which I’m still thinking of the name for. Art journal weekly, Art Journal Time, Get Messy Weekly? I’m planning on sharing a peek into my sketchbooks at some stage and I really want to get back to Taking stock blog posts. Ideas are always brewing, 2016 here I come!



7 thoughts on “Time

  1. It’s really difficult to get the balance right & satisfy everyone, however I know that my creative time is just as important as house chores. If I plan & organise so I know exactly what I need to do I get far more achieved….a bit like air traffic control…well that’s the idea!! Good luck xx

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  2. Beautiful images Emily, and I love the idea of creative time being a ‘gift’ rather than a commitment to impose on yourself too strictly. It is a gift to have the time and a gift to create. xx


  3. Yep, like Rebecca, I love the idea of creative time being a gift to myself. I’ll use that one! There’s so much out there to do and explore. I think I’m getting better at incorporating creative pursuits into my day – it’s dedicating particular times of the day to them. looking forward to seeing your posts!

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  4. It’s definitely a balance. So important ! You’re right – creative time, time to exercise ( and the ability to do either one) is a gift. I’m learning how to better balance life too.

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