Art Journal Time : Get Messy : Happy -Week 1

Remembering to turn on the light even in the darkest of times. ( Harry Potter inspired)

This weeks art journal time was joyous for me. For the first session I had a few hours to myself and I turned the music up loud and spread all my things out. I started with one idea, which turned into another, then another and another. I jumped from one thing to the next and back again.

The music and my emotions (Joy and Happiness) were coming out onto the paper and as this is what I want to achieve it created more Joy and Happiness haha.

Coincidentally it’s the season of happiness over at Get Messy, so I was happy journaling about being happy. I got out potatoes thinking about meal ideas, and made the spontaneous decision to sacrifice one for art ( Yep – Potato printing !). Potato printing is messy and fun, I popped on an old shirt and started with my first print idea a response to a prompt – the love heart, because loving and being loved makes me happy.

Love’s where it’s at.

Then I had the idea that music makes me happy, so I carved a musical note symbol. Of course I had forgotten about mirror image, but that didn’t stop me because I was on a roll! So a new stamp was carved, and more printing followed.


We have a beautiful painting which one of our daughters did in Kinder, I Β happened to notice it and it occurred to me that as I was totally in Kinder mode, Why not paint like that too! So using acrylics and a cheap raggedy brush I painted me.


It was really liberating because basically my people drawing skills are at primary school level,so doing something easy and not having to try an be good at it meant I could just have fun! I did have fun, so much so that I did a few more and I’m sure these will be making an appearance in future pages.

Today I had another bit of time, after thinking a bit more about the prompts and I came up with this page. It’s one of my happy places. To other people it’s just a squiggly line, but when I look at it, it conjures up memories of swimming under water and seeing the most beautiful colours, feeling alive in my skin and yep…happy.

Happy place

So that’s what I ended up with, from my week of art journaling so far, but really, it’s not about the result, it’s about the process. Right ?

The last page is one of a series I have done for an inspiration post I’ve done on the Get Messy blog as part of my role as Creative Team member. I’m pleased with how it all turned out and hoping the other Get Messians like the ideas I shared. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by to art journaling time No.1.

Emily πŸ™‚

Am I blue?



24 thoughts on “Art Journal Time : Get Messy : Happy -Week 1

  1. I adore your silver hair on your self portrait! You are on a potato printing roll, I always find them hard to cut out nicely. I would love to make my own stamps, but I would most likely chop off the wrong bit (probably a bit of me!!).


  2. These are so fun and happy! They made me HAPPY just looking at them… and I imagined you “dancing” around at your desk while making them and that made me even HAPPIER!


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