Art Journaling Time :Get Messy : Happy : week 2

Part of the fun, and sometimes the struggle with using prompts for art journaling is the not knowing what on earth to do. A year ago, I struggled so much with this, but these days I’m trusting my creative brain to come up with the goods each week and this week was no exception.

Julia gave us some really thought provoking and research worthy prompts for week 2 in Get Messy art journaling. I found myself looking at images of the brain and reading articles about happiness, creativity and the areas of the brain involoved. I was getting a bit bogged down in the w.w.w, wanting to understand and know more, remembering how I still haven’t read “The brain that changes itself” by Norman Doidge, and thinking that I really didn’t want to draw a brain.

So I decided I had to step away from the screen and turn to my art journal, and then creative mojo kicked in. Phew!

This page is a representation of my happy creative brain, making connections.


My next page is about the relationships and what they mean to me. I have been contemplating the journaling to go with this page and as yet am unclear how much I will do. Again, the word connection is foremost in my mind.


An my last page is some doodles of some of the happiness in my week. I did some simple little doodles and then added colour using neocolour water soluble wax crayons. It fitted my mood of doodling and scribbling randomnly, then adding water and swishing it around. This was fun, and I think it shows πŸ™‚


I hope you leave here inspired to put pen, paint or crayon to paper and make some marks.

Happy creating!

Emily πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Art Journaling Time :Get Messy : Happy : week 2

  1. I love the colour and spontaneity of the ‘connections’ page Emily – SO good. I think that’s what art journaling and creative work is – making connections inside yourself, linking ideas and expressing them on the page. I’m inspired! xx


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