Art Journaling Time : Get Messy : Happy:3



What I like about this weeks pages, is not so much the end result, but more how each element has it’s own back story. The first draft of this blog post detailed some of those stories, but it wasn’t great reading. So I’m trying again , a different way.

This weeks pages were brought to you by:

Julia’s  Happy prompts ( which reminds me I want to check out what she created this week)

-This quote – ” Take pleasure in the rich, random patterns in your life” Hector and the search for happiness

-A catch up with Carolyn and a visit to the Warhol/Wei Wei exhibition- which was incredible !!! If you can get to  Melbourne, I highly recommend a visit.

-A stencil making tutorial by Vanessa, over on the GM blog

-My new deli paper, which I bought to make gelli prints with ( I’ll tell you about that another time)

-Graffiti spotted from the train

-A rainy morning feeling a bit bleurgh

-Grey acrylic paint

-Crayola Pip Squeeks

-A sprinkle of inspiration

-Half an hour going a bit crazy looking for my art journal

-Some photo taking and editing and uploading

-The desire to get this posted before I dash to my watercolour class. It’s not going to happen, blogging always takes double the time I anticipate it to. ( it didn’t, I’m finishing this the next day)



I enjoyed stepping out of my usual “style” this week, which is one of the fun things about art journaling. I’ve got lots of other things I want to share with you, but I’m going to put them in my next post.

Do you like the quote? It’s a good one I think for sure. Do you save good quotes somewhere? I usually scribble them down and then lose them, but I’m coming up with ideas for a better system (or two).

I’m excited to tell you about the self portrait project I’m embarking on so I hope you will pop back to read about it.

Bye for now,

Emily 🙂



8 thoughts on “Art Journaling Time : Get Messy : Happy:3

  1. A great wall & writing…I think you could be asked to join the gang!!
    I’d love to see how your gelli printing is going at some time Emily….& I was intrigued by your comment on IG about having to complete a double spread?
    Hope you had a lovely birthday xx


  2. Cool pages! The graffiti writing looks great. I have some deli paper and it is my favourite thing to use with the gelli plate. I need to practice lots though. I am pleased you found your art journal again- phew.
    The exhibitions sounds great, I love Warhol’s work.
    Happy weekend x


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