Get Messy Lists : 3


This week has gotten away from me and suddenly it’s Friday and I’m scrambling to write a quick post about my week of art journaling. Gosh, when am I going to get ahead of the game ? Maybe when my husband returns to normal sleep patterns and I do too ?

So I’ve only done a couple of lists this week, and others I have made a loose plan for, just some ideas really. Sometimes I brainstorm but then when i actually sit down with my art journal page something completely different happens, just my process I guess.

I also did a page, just randomly for fun in a larger art journal I have on the go and some bits and pieces in my tiny journal. I resisted the urge to join in with Elle Luna’s 100 day challenge because my actual 100 day challenge is to do daily things for my health and mental wellbeing, which in turn helps me support my loved ones and be in shape for creativity.

So alongside meditation, getting to the gym, walking, having baths, cooking healthy and delicious food I am art journaling and reading and hopefully getting back to the old sketching too.  What are your go to’s for self care ?

See you next week, I’m also planning on some blog reading catch up time so might even see you on your blog sooner 🙂

Emily 🙂




3 thoughts on “Get Messy Lists : 3

  1. Your pages are really happy and bright Emily and it’s so important to take care of your mental and physical well-being first and foremost. I wasn’t going to join the 100 day project this year but then thought of something that was meaningful but that doesn’t need to take up too much time (#100daysofmyfavouritewords) and I’m loving it so far. Having said that, I haven’t done any art journal pages this week. No-one can do it all! xx

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