So Inspired : Get Messy Lists : 5

1. Daydreams ( image from Flow Magazine of Dottie Angel’s Airstream)

Happy to report that my creative mojo is back and I’m feeling a return to the Emily that is more familiar to me. PHEW! I’ve decided to throw myself into way too many creative challenges because little daily goals for creative time feels like the right thing for me now. Who knows, but Friday I might be wondering if perhaps I was possessed and need to jetison half of them, but today I’m feeling excited and so inspired to get busy being creative.

2. Lucky I’m Love, lyrics by Jason Marantz

This morning with the house to myself and no reason to leave it, in my comfiest yoga pants with a good supply of tea I set about “artying”. Once I got started I found myself in the flow of it and wow that felt just so good ! I think part of getting to this point has been letting myself be where I needed to be for the past few weeks, telling it how it is rather than trying to hold it all together and be Miss Perfect ( or Miss Coping ) and just being OK with who I am and all the feelings.

3. So Inspired by …

Here are my pages for the fifth week of Get Messy art journal , Season of Lists. They feel authentic to where I’m at and I think I’ll be happy to look back at them one day and see myself and this stage of my life in them. It’s been fun to sometimes not take the prompts literally and just have some fun with them too.

4. I’m made up of…
Yay, I’m sketching again!
Sneak peek at the Zine I received from the Get Messy Zine squad last week.

I’m so inspired by other creatives I’ve met online and in real life, the Get Messy community, The Blog with Pip community and today I’m just a tiny bit inspired by me haha. Thanks for stopping by !!!

Emily πŸ™‚

P.S there is a free art journaling course by Get Messy ( via email ) if you are interested click here .

My art journaling buddy πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “So Inspired : Get Messy Lists : 5

  1. Yay! Glad you’ve got your mojo back! I haven’t started the watercolour challenge 😦 I have a feeling I may have overcommitted on that one 😦 But I’m looking forward to seeing yours!


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