In Fair Verona : A Zine for me !!!

I got ” Zined” … Yay !  Today I’m sharing with you the images of all the pages from the amazing zine that arrived in my letterbox last week, a complete surprise and an absolute treasure! I was actually a bit tired and a tiny bit glum when it arrived, so that made it extra special.

Seeing everyone’s art and being able to touch the pages had/ has me all re-inspired to stay on my art journaling journey and then this morning reading all the stories behind the pages has done that again.

It was fun guessing who made which pages, some I was sure about. I could see Vanessa’s punchy style, script and signature skulls ! I recognized the colourful ink, awesome mark making and guessed that the Taylor Swift lyrics were from Julia ( we are both Swifty fans). I have been watching Katie’s sketchbook project on Instagram and know she is captivated by space so I picked a couple of her pages. Karen’s, well her gorgeous hand lettering was the giveaway for her pages.

All of this was confirmed this morning when I read their blog posts and it made me so grateful that I am part of the Get Messy art journaling community and have been able to get to know these wonderful artists ( albeit via the www).

If it takes your fancy you could check out the Zine squad over on Instagram here . Visit the artists to learn more about their Zine pages or even google Zines and make your own mini art journal. It’s fun ! Really !

Ok, enough said, here are the pages. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Emily x




fair verona (1)fair verona (2)fair verona (3)fair verona (4)fair verona (5)fair verona (6)fair verona (7)fair verona (8)fair verona (9)fair verona (10)fair verona (11) (1)fair verona (12)


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