Get Messy Lists : Week 6 : Tick

This week I really wanted to complete all five lists and use the five art prompts. I kind of got distracted and found myself buying a little desk, assembling it and creating my very own dedicated art journaling nook. Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how happy this has made me. It’s tiny, but it’s in the perfect position. A light filled spot looking out onto greenery, where I can be in the thick of things family wise, but turn my back on them ( sorry family) and focus on my art journaling. It has a little drawer which I’m having fun putting my favourite pens and other assorted and related suppplies into. I listened to a pod cast with Austin Kleon on Mother’s day and one of the takeaways for me was having an analogue desk, so the rule with my art journaling nook is no technology! Already I have found it much easier to create on a daily basis ( since Tuesday hahaha) and if I want I can leave it messy, or tidy it up in readiness for the next day’s creative play time. Possibly the best $69.00 I’ve ever spent .

Ta da …

Consequently I managed 4 journaling prompts and now my little Lists journal is bulging at the seams. I even  had to glue extra pages in at the back. So here are this weeks spreads.

The background of the right side is a picture of my art journaling desk 🙂
I’m not even sure how this page happened but I like it just the way it is.
This was fun to do and so relevant for me right now !
The silver script is prettier in day light, but I wanted it to be legible

So ends another season of art journaling with Get Messy, another mini art journal and another blog post. I’m signing off so I can work out what’s for dinner, do my daily watercolour challenge, walk the dog, go to gym and tick those things off my list. It’s a busy life !

Hope you are putting some ticks next to the things you want to be doing.

Emily 🙂



10 thoughts on “Get Messy Lists : Week 6 : Tick

  1. Love your grey ‘HOME’ page and the hot stone massage page. And you’ve got a whole new creative space set up – yay! I love checking into your pages Emily and being inspired xx


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