I’m back to my 52 Portraits project with this photo of me enjoying a morning cup of tea.


Just popping in to say hi. I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front. It’s been quite busy at our place with school, assessments, exams, work, school musicals, 70th birthday parties and the usual things too.

I’ve been enjoying a break from the weekly commitment to sharing my art journaling pages , I’m a big believer in holidays, even if they are just from routine.

It’s turned really cold here, almost overnight. I’m wearing my warmest coat and thinking a warm pair of boots is in order for Winter. I’ve been cooking soups and curries  which fortunately people at my place enjoy as much as I do.

I just finished reading The crossroads of should and must by Elle Luna, which although I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend, has me really questioning if I will ever be able to work out what my “calling” is.( Insert day of feeling miserable followed by day of thinking that the miserable day was totally self indulgent). Aren’t men the ones to have mid life crisises?

This weekend I’m heading to the beach for a girls night with some of my old school friends, just what I need right now. Looking forward to some chats, giggles and sea air.

So with that said, I’m off to pack my bag and pour myself a little glass of wine ( it is Friyay after all).

Thanks for reading my all about me post. Hope you have a great weekend, have you got anything special planned ?






4 thoughts on “hello

  1. Ash, weekend away sounds good, Emily! I am looking forward to a weekend where we do not have to think about an assessment coming up in the following week…or the week after! Pip has a dress fitting for her formal so that will be fun! And hopefully some sleep!


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