Get Messy : Introspection : Week 2

Calm amidst the storm, blue sky above grey clouds and clarity amidst chaos. Coming back to meditation and making it a daily practice has given me space and time and moments of clarity.

Calm amidst storm

Just today as I was feeling overwhelmed, too busy, grumpy and a tad gloomy, I remembered to be mindful. So a few moments of noticing my breath, the sensation of my feet on the ground and being present to my surroundings, brought me back feeling calm and clear. Phew!

My second art journal page based on this weeks Get Messy prompts is about just that. How I have managed to make time for myself and those moments of feeling peaceful and calm keep me able to keep keeping on, no matter what. (Thank you Headspace app !!!)

Just parts of the whole

The first page is about how all parts of me make up the whole, even the aspects that I’m not proud of, or even ashamed of. I actually love this page because the process of writing them down, then covering them up randomly with gouache then ink and water was just so enjoyable. It was  kind of cathartic. Now looking at it I can see all of those things and know that I am so much more than them. Also I know that nothing is permanent, so just as I can add another layer to this page, so I can to myself.

With that thought in mind I will make a cuppa, pick up  a daughter from school and put 300 things away so that our home looks closer to the way I’d like it to and then I might add some journaling to these pages… maybe.

Till next time,

Emily 🙂






10 thoughts on “Get Messy : Introspection : Week 2

  1. Hi Em, I hope you’re ok, you don’t appear to be your normal cheery self? If you every feel like letting off steam or having a rant, I’m a very good listener just let me know or send me a message/email…! xx


    1. Thank you Gilly. I am ok, i was a bit gloomy yesterday so perhaps I should have kept away from my cheery little blog. No doubt I’ll be in touch xx


  2. Great words. Mindfulness is really a wonder drug.

    And the act of writing down the shortcomings was very therapeutic I agree. We are all onions with lots and lots of layers. Stay true to you and take care of you xx

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  3. I always like seeing your art pages. I have just re-jigged my blog so hopefully I will be able to keep more up to date with your art journaling, and YOU! I hope the Ballarat winter is not giving you the blues xxxx love Tash


  4. Meditation is so helpful Emily. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately but a few minutes of meditation and focused breathing really does help. Love your ‘waves’ of blue layers on the page xx

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  5. There seem so many ways us sensitive types can get ‘derailed’. Mindfulness is so grounding and helpful and drawing and painting as well. It is wonderful to see you actively engage with the gloomy times so constructively by using all those things and what a great result. That last page in particular, is just great!


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