On Introspection and art journaling: Week 3 : Season of Introspection

What a great combination, art journaling prompts and some reflection about where I am right now, where I want to be and who I want to be in the world. When I look at the pages I made this week I can see me in them and I’m really pleased with that. There are snippets of dreams, the busyness of all the learning I’m doing, layers and more layers and even some words of advice for myself. As our life is getting more challenging with my man’s health deteriorating again, I am trying to maintain the things that bring me joy and inner peace so that I can keep supporting the ones I love.

Prompts + ideas + creative time


I hope that when I look back to these I will remember my little art desk and how at times I just went over to it and added something else,  that I was playing with Gouache paint( because I’m totally obsessed with it doing Oh My Gouache course by Mary Ann Moss), that I was meditating daily, being kind to myself and for some reason dreaming about having a view. If I don’t that’s totally ok too because I turned prompts into pages and had fun along the way. Yay me !





imageI’m busting to tell you about Oh My Gouache and my latest love affair with this new to me medium. I’m posting photos on Instagram, showing my family my newly filled palette and each day’s painting attempts – I even texted my Mum some photos haha.

If I can tear myself away from my sketchbook and gouache, I’ll give you all an update really soon. Have you ever painted with Gouache ?

Oh and when I can I’m doing prompts for my heart journal. This is just a thoughtful and lovely project by Essie . It’s free and she sends the prompts in and email each week if you sign up. Here’s what I did the other week. Sometimes I’ll share these pages and some I am keeping just for my eyes (and heart).

Quote from Paul Coehlo

So there you have it, a  little snapshot of my week/life. I do appreciate you stopping by to my words or see my creative endeavours. I always want to see/hear about what you are doing to. What creative projects do you have on the go or wish list at the moment?

See you soon with my overexcited Gouache painting post or an overdue but wanting to be written Taking stock post.

Emily x


9 thoughts on “On Introspection and art journaling: Week 3 : Season of Introspection

  1. I can only see a couple of the images not sure what is going on. Love them though and saw on IG. Beautiful work this week hon.

    I love gouache but found it hard to get good ones here at an affordable price. I ordered some from home and my mom arrives with them first weekend in July and I am desperate for them. Which ones are you using. I wanted to take that class but have SO MANY already that I have not done that I am not allowing myself the pleasure. Adding it to my 2017 list along with the flower painting class with Pam garrison.


    1. Yes let’s not talk about the cost of Gouache haha. I had some cheapies ( reeves) and I have ordered a couple of new colours in different brands. How exciting that your Mum is visiting! Isn’t it great all the online learning available to us, so hard not to overcommit.


  2. Your pages and art in general is looking great. I would love to do the gouache class, maybe I can get it for Christmas and follow along by myself.
    I have used gouache to brush paint script, but never painted with it, does it behave like watercolours?
    Looking forward to your post.


  3. I must admit I don’t actually know what Gouache is (will definitely check out now) & to hear you so excited about your course….Mary Ann Moss is such fun isn’t she! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!


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