Intuition : Week 5 : Season of Introspection

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next”    Jonas Salk


Isn’t this a great quote! I’m a big believer in following my gut, be it going towards  or away from something. Sometimes things just feel right and sometimes they don’t and it is a knowing before my logical brain can understand why. I’m no expert on Female intuition but it makes sense to me that those instincts work really well to protect ourselves and our loved ones too.

These pages in my art journal are the only ones I have done so far this week but I really enjoyed the process of coming up with an idea based on the prompts and then just starting and seeing where it took me. I was aiming for an intuitive process, one mark at a time. It was really beautiful to just be in the moment. Mindful art journaling ?



This weekend is looking to be cold, wet and miserable in my part of the world so I’m planning on lots more playing with my gouache paint, some art journaling, visiting blogs, watching some art journaling tutorials and perhaps some bookbinding? Winter isn’t all bad when you are the indoors creative type, but the lack of sunlight has been getting to me a little this week and I’ll give you a glimpse of what I mean.

I need to see some blue sky!

So here’s to weekends and sunshine, to creative pursuits, open fires and walking the dog even on the coldest of days. Happy weekend to you !

Emily x


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