Retreat time : Introspection : Week 6

Me in my journal

I’m feeling a bit excited today because I’m contemplating a little retreat. I’ve been juggling so many things for quite a while. All the feelings, all the responsibilities, to do’s, to think about’s, the everyday, the big picture and then all the creative stuff I’m doing as well!

The thing is, at the moment it’s not practical to pack my bag and get on a plane bound for a retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland or somewhere tropical and exotic which would surely be amazingly restorative! Nah, I can’t ditch my family at the moment , packing just some art supplies, couple of sarongs, bathers, some underwear, my kindle and my toiletries and head to the land of no cooking, just healthy food served to me. There are some things I have no control over…

But …!!! That’s just totally O.K because I have come up with a little plan. Well it’s not really a plan just yet, more an idea that is growing and taking shape. This is the last week of this season of art journaling with Get Messy, the last week of my commitment to create and post weekly and I feel a bit ready to have a break. It feels a little bit like school holidays without homework. So I’m getting ahead of myself, posting this early, sending my images of for the Get Messy Habit blog post and then I’m having a little break. Just a couple of weeks to not be bound by self imposed commitments or deadlines for my creativity.

Maybe I will paint, or sketch, or art journal ( I am loving the thoughtful prompts from Essie Ruth for my  Heart Journal and seeing my little journal grow ), but maybe I won’t. Maybe I will read some books that I have been wanting to read, or maybe I’ll sit and watch episodes of Grace and Frankie and eat chocolate covered raspberries! I might catch up on some blogging ideas that I have and spend time on Pinterest or Instagram or I might step back a little and see what happens. I’m not going to give myself a single goal or deadline and this is my retreat. Hey I might not even be guaranteed to make sure there is a meal on the table or ingredients to make one ( actually I probably will guarantee that and might even make some extra yummy food ). Just typing these words I can feel a lightening in myself, a kind of breathing out feeling.

A page in my Heart Journal

It’s funny how I feel the need for a break from all these things I’ve taken on for myself. Can you relate ? The daily drawing challenges, the 100 day projects, the pile of books, the unfinished projects and the as yet to be started projects ??? They are awesome, but I am having a little break, I need it. Have you ever given yourself a holiday at home. a staycation, a retreat of any sort ? Any tips you want to share?

Emily x




11 thoughts on “Retreat time : Introspection : Week 6

  1. I’m so with you on this Emily – the promises I make to myself seem the hardest to break. I’m a little bit over my 100 day project – not because it’s some big chore or anything but just because it’s nice not to HAVE to do something isn’t it? I’ve been scrapbooking all week with the intention of jumping into some of the Introspection prompts but I’ve been lazy and just gone with the flow of things and it felt good. And I haven’t shared a single page – yet! Enjoy your little retreat. We all need that sometimes, probably more often than we realise. Big hugs xx


  2. Not that it was really intended but I’ve done very little intentional creative projects this whole year. I’ve decided to take the pressure off and just do what I FEEL like doing when I can. As much as I love the discipline that daily habits can bring, I think I took on too much last year and have suffered a bit of burn out. Seems weird because it was all self imposed. But anyway good on you. You’ll probably find that in your couple of weeks break you’ll still be creative but it will feel free-er if that makes any sense. And if ever you’re looking for a proper get away, you can always come and stay with us. We have a little mini granny flat out the back. And of course I’ll have a creativity buddy to hang out with during the day and can show you around Noosa and surrounds. x


    1. Thanks Deb ! Glad to hear you are creating when it suits you. I still have never been to Noosa, but when I do you know I’ll be popping in for a cuppa ! xx


  3. Whilst challenges are great for motivating us, too many or too often can become a grind – they become just another thing to put on the ‘to do’ list and the pleasure is ducked away. We need some flexibility and spontaneity. I love the idea of a retreat – a soaky bath, someone bringing me food, time alone where I know there will be no interruptions. Sometimes I can scrounge a day at home and I will let myself read or craft or art and make copious hot drinks. It’s a nice little break. Enjoy your break!


  4. Enjoy your break Em – I just might join you! I love the in-between season time of just chilling out without the totally self-imposed pressures I put on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love art journaling and Get Messy, but sometimes its awesome to take a step back as well.


  5. Sounds perfect. I like the ebb and flow of moving between challenges/ creative plans and just going wherever you feel led in the moment. That was the hard part of my 100 day project. Whereas my 366 project left things wide open (just to create everyday) my 100 within it was very narrow and specific which was a struggle at a few points in the journey. Enjoy your break. Whatever you do or don’t do it will revive you for sure.


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