Hello there, I’m still here but you know … life.

It’s all about priorities isn’t it? Well my creative endeavours and my little blog so enrich my life, but suddenly I find myself a Mum to an 18 year old who only has four more weeks of “normal” school routine to go and a 16 year old who needs a hair appointment, some new clothes, supervised driving time and a Mum to annoy her and tell her to get off her device for a while. I’m  wife to a husband with a chronic illness who is fast running out of options before major surgery is the only option left, who is suddenly on a gluten, dairy, sugar, red meat and coffee free diet ( yeah just all of his favourite things basically). And last but not least a woman who is perimenopausal, at times quite anxious, with a tendency to take on too many things who is a little bit exhausted from it all.  Phew! Something has to give.

So , I’m  here, but I’m taking off some pressure by not committing to weekly posts about my art journal pages. I’m just going to pop in and out in a spontaneous and joyful way, like I am this morning. Of course now that I’m here, I feel like I’m chatting with friends and suddenly there is so much more I want to tell you about. Like I wrote a guest blog post for Caylee Grey’s blog and I’m really proud of it. You can read it here if you are interested.And how  I am doing the most amazing online , year long art workshop which has me feeling so alive with possibility and covering the whole table (and surrounding floor) with all the bits and pieces I’m creating. I’m making lots of new and interesting recipes, feeling inspired about eating less processed food, enjoying yoga and I even got on the floor to do some Feldenkrais the other day…Yay!


The sun is shining, I have meditated, hung out my washing , planned the evening meal and written this blog post. Life is good!

How are you ? How is the juggle of priorities going in your life ?

Thanks for stopping by ,

Emily x


11 thoughts on “Hello there, I’m still here but you know … life.

  1. Ha! I can relate! The Uni kid is looking after himself but late shifts at work interfere with my sleep – along with night sweats and worrying about the year 12 girl! Trying to slow the pace but things seem to keep getting thrown at us. It will pass, there is light, but I’m a bit tired!


  2. OMG that is so many things to cut from your diet suddenly! That’s gotta be tough… do hope some healing finds him soon. I have been on that merry-go-round of busy stressy times for so long that after finally jumping off it recently I found it really hard to slow down… I’m still trying to re-learn how to move a bit slower through life and am ever so grateful for the opportunity to do so… tis great you’ve got creative time as a priority, I imagine that’s what keeps you sane in all that ‘life’! x


  3. You’re very wise Emily…decluterring and distressing your life is vital from time to time as every day for me seems to be a juggling act in some way or another…! Loving Metamorph as well especially as you can do as much or as little in any order, whenever you choose..xx


  4. Hi Emily – you could have been writing about my life (minus the sick husband – I’m so sorry you’re dealing with that and all those tough diet restrictions). This stage of life is just so crazy busy and then topped with menopause, I’m surprised any of us are sane! Having a kid in the final weeks of school and all that goes with that is overwhelming (for them and us!). I LOVE that you always manage to make time though for your creative pursuits and that you look after your well being. Take care lovely. xx


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