It’s been too long.

I stepped away for a little bit and suddenly it’s September, Spring, nearly school holiday time and the end of another Get Messy season of art journaling. What !!!

I hopped off the Get Messy habit Merry- go- round to see what would happen without the commitment to producing and sharing my art journal pages each week and guess what happened ? Yep, I didn’t create pages each week using the prompts. This was a good thing because I reinforced the learning that external commitment is a great motivator for me, but also because I really needed some time to just do the daily reality/parenting/wife/work stuff and I so needed a little more space in my life. Phew!

I had some ideas brewing, but it seems so rare for me to have the house to myself these days and I wanted the music up loud and to be able to spread all my stuff out without feeling self conscious. I’ve realized that I can art journal best in solitude, which makes me a little sad, but for now, that’s just how it is.

Today I had a window of time ( sorry sweetie I am not coming to the hospital with you for your infusion). I hung out the washing and proceeded to “get messy”. The best fun , and seriously I feel pretty great right now.

Here are my pages and a peek at my messy fun. There were some wonderful tutorials this season and as per usual I didn’t do them all and plan to try some of them in between seasons. I hope to be back before to long, I feel so rusty typing this post and really don’t want to lose my blogging mojo altogether.


So here’s to knowing when to step away and when to come back, to knowing what you need and having the courage to ask for it.

Thanks for visiting, it makes my day.

Emily x


8 thoughts on “It’s been too long.

    1. It is hard stretching in too many directions Gilly. I didn’t actually go away, more a hiatus from regular blog posting and creating. Although actually I did keep creating, it was just more random and self guided. Thanks for stopping by Gilly. xx


  1. You’re far from rusty Emily! I’m singing ‘Blackbird’ now which I instantly recognised from your pages. Such great work. I also have not been following the prompts recently but I did Katie’s galaxy tutorial and it was the best fun. Yay to getting messy and creative in fabulous loud-music solitude ❤


    1. The galaxy tutorial is still on my to do list Rebecca. I saw your lovely pages on IG. It was so fun to put on my favourite songs on repeat and art journal to them ( and sing and dance). 🙂


  2. Oh I love your style. I wouldn’t call that very rusty at all. I miss being creative. I once had creative journals that I used to visit regularly and I found it so cathartic to express myself that way. Motherhood is kicking my arse way too much to pick up again, yet.


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