Dreams:1: Get Messy Art Journal

Yep, it’s a new season of art journaling prompts over at Get Messy and I’ve been trying everyday to remember my dreams so that I could use them in my art journal pages ( hello frustration). I have managed to remember snippets, but when I finally got to art journaling rather than be too specific and reveal all my deep dark and disturbing dreams haha I just had them in my mind as I sat with my journal and paints.


I may or may not add some journaling so I took these images before I do anything else. I do that sometimes, it helps me be brave and add another layer. Art journals are supposed to be a place where you can be really free to express yourself, play, make mistakes and experiment but I confess there are times when even in my safe little art journal I can feel apprehensive about adding something.

In one of my dreams I accidentally dyed my hair so that two plus years of growing it out to it’s natural grey was undone- gotta love the ridiculous anxiety dreams!


Only two more seasons left for this year and I’m really going to try and create a few pages each week and get back to a more regular/routine type flow with it, because basically I love it! I hope you are making some time too to do something you love.

Thanks for reading.

Emily 🙂


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