Dreams : 2 : Get Messy Art Journal


I woke up the other night trying to hang on to my dream so that I could art journal about it. In the morning, the dream had been reduced to a giant tomato plant which our neighbours were admiring and drinking champagne with some people I’d never met. It got me thinking about the difference between art journaling in a journal that will never be seen by anyone else ever and one which I take photos of and blog about. Is there a difference, should there be ?

I made the little house stamp this week., it had to be used!

Some times the prompts inspire a page which says exactly what I want it too. Other days I end up with an ugly mess. That’s what happened today. It was really unsalvageable so I collaged over it, and wrote dream on it. The journaling is hidden under layers of doodling, gesso and acrylic paint. I guess my point is, I don’t love what I created this week, but I love that I showed up and did something. This is part of my dream, to keep trying to “speak” this visual language, to fill up art journals, to keep drawing and sketching and playing with my art supplies.

Gosh I’m in an over think it mood today, so it’s a good time to wrap this up and make a cuppa! Cheers my dears.

p.s and then I saw this great tutorial by Vanessa and just had to do it right away and it was such a lovely thing to do. I feel calmer after making this page so I decided to add it as a p.s, sometimes p.s’s are the best bit !




11 thoughts on “Dreams : 2 : Get Messy Art Journal

  1. Dreams! What amazing imagery they throw up from our subconscious! I think a private journal page gives you the freedom to play and work with ideas without any worries. You are free to work without having to be concerned about an issue being too personal to share, or just not ready to share. I think it is important to give yourself that space then you can share it later if you want to, or not. Love your ideas in this post.


    1. Thanks Romana, I think you are spot on and it’s what I’ve been realizing too. I think I do need a private space without even the hint of it ever being shared to free me up and then if it feels ok to share i can.


  2. I agree that it is so important to show up to your sketchbook and do something in there, if I hate a page, I turn over and carry on! I love your creatures, this was such a good tutorial, I enjoyed it so much, I have another page of watercolours ready to draw on!


  3. Showing up is the most important thing – less important than the result – although I have to constantly remind myself of this with my writing! Love your blue pages. Maybe it’s because dreams are messy and not clearcut that you weren’t as happy with your dream page?


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