Dreams:3: Get Messy Art Journal

I may not be great at remembering my dreams, but I’m an excellent daydreamer.For this weeks prompts I think I managed to channel some of that daydream energy and convert it into art journaling energy. I sat with a pile of my collage fodder and just flicked through it selecting bits and pieces that I felt related to my dreams and daydreams ( I knew there was a reason I am saving all these random bits of paper).

I kind of need to learn how to turn off the part of my brain that wants to interpret art journaling prompts literally. The part that says ” you can’t draw that” or ” how are your going to represent that with colour ?”. Well anyway it turned out that the action of just choosing pieces of ephemera quietened the questioning, logical, clever but sometimes annoying part of my brain and before I knew it I actually had created two journal page spreads in my little dream journal.

The first spread is about my daydreams of getting away from it all, down sizing, growing vegetables, having chickens , living near the ocean, having a view oh and did I mention being mortgage free haha! Living in the moment.


The second spread is from my own prompt ( coz I’m fancy and on the Creative Team and contribute with prompts each season). The prompt was about the insights that sometimes come with dreams. I had this wonderful dream once where I was visiting a friend and admiring her amazing creative style which was in everything in her home, the furniture, the colours and her clutter. I loved it all and I was a little envious of her. When I woke up I had this ah- ha moment that I had created the whole thing in my imagination, every detail of the dream was created by me so in other words this creative friend with her groovy house was actually me. Yep, I thought to myself – I am CREATIVE! Yay!!!


Lastly I took a picture of my messy arty desk ( the family room table), because I loved seeing the aftermath of my little creative storm. It was short, sweet and productive and every little scrap of paper had a story behind it, a reason why it had been kept. So go paperless, me, never! How about you ?




2 thoughts on “Dreams:3: Get Messy Art Journal

  1. Ah! Nice creative times for you, Emily! I need to get my mojo back a bit. I know it will come, just need to get a bit more relaxation happening at our place. Too many stressed bods plays with the brain!


    1. Sometimes the best thing is to just focus on the main job at hand isn’t it. I’ve given away lots of miscellaneous to do’s this week, so I can do the main thing well. Hang in there!

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