Dreams: 5 : Get Messy Art Journal

It’s Saturday, the sky is completely overcast, I have two daughters studying and I’m happy to be writing another quick blog post and sharing my art journal pages from this week.

I’ve been feeling quite inspired this week but had less time until today to get stuck in. I did make time to listen to a podcast with Cait Sherwood and Vanessa Oliver Lloyd about making art in art journals. Actually I was so inspired I had to hit pause and go and create something.




I watched a little video by Riet over on Instagram about how she uses acrylic paint, I didn’t do it quite right but I am still pleased with the result.



Today’s spread was about childhood dreams. honestly I have enough trouble remembering last night dreams so it took me a while for this one until I had a light bulb moment . My favourite dreams from childhood involved being able to fly. Such a joyful feeling to just start flapping my arms and be in the air. Gosh I could do with another one of those dreams!


IF your are following me on Instagram you might have seen I signed up for Vanessa’s Totems class, and dived right in, it is incredible !!! I am hoping in between Get Messy seasons to share some sneak peeks at some of the different journals I’ve been working in. I know I am totally overcommitted right now but I’m doing so much that I love and as crazy as it seems/is, it feels right too.Do you know what I mean ?

After I hit publish on this post, I’m planning on taking our dog ( and my needs to move body) for a walk. Then get out my gouache paint palette and sketch book for some painting. The ever inspiring Nullsie started a little challenge over on Instagram for our Oh My Gouache painting class, just to keep us all motivated . Thanks Nullsie x

This week in real life I got to give my Mum a hug and hang out with her for a while, help a beautiful friend celebrate her 70th, have a girls night movie night with my daughters, have a cups and a chat with my good friend hang washing outside and bring it in dry on the same day! It’s the simple things right!

Chat soon,

Em xx




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