Impossible dreams:Season of dreams: week 6


In dreams anything is possible, which makes for some pretty bizarre and amazing dreams in my dream time .My one little page this week represents that for me. In my dreams I can dance on clouds under the stars, I can fly, swim with whales or find treasures in huge thrift shops. I can forget the most important appointments or be driving from the back seat,unable to reach the brakes!


The season of dreams is over now, but I think I’ll be sticking with the process of remembering snippets of my dreams and writing them in my morning pages journal. I’m looking forward to a break between seasons to dive into the Totems class and other projects and also I need to get organized for all the end of year happenings and the New Year’s happenings.




Last weekend I was so fortunate to be able to meet up with Kin Jal, a fellow Get Messy art journaling friend. I was a bit nervous, but it was so easy! Like we had known each other for ages. We chatted non stop and even got some art journaling in. I have admired her hobonochi project from afar this year and it was a bit surreal to be adding a sketch into it. ( I may have gone home and immediately started researching how to order myself one for 2017- and that research may have led to a non justifiable sneaky purchase ).

Gouachevember is going well and I’m pleased that I’m painting in my sketch book again!


How is your end of year to do list going? Do you set yourself the task of finishing projects or just go with the flow?

Emily xx



4 thoughts on “Impossible dreams:Season of dreams: week 6

  1. How lovely to catch up with a fellow Messian, and there’s some interesting new terminology here that I’ll need to explore – hobonochi?! I have been inspired with your sketches and creativity in your daily journal and have been waiting to get a new diary for 2017 that will allow me all the space I need to write and draw – basically an empty moleskine I think rather than a dated diary. I always love the planning stage and the excitement of setting goals, but I definitely need to streamline a bit next year…


  2. Sadly I have got nothing. Am suffering a real writer’s block. Mia said I have nothing dark and scarred to write about anymore and that most probably my source of writing has changed I just need to be calm and I’ll find it eventually.


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