Inspired : a Get Messy Creative Team blog hop


What inspires you? What fuels your creative fire ? Of course it won’t be just one thing, but for me one of the things that inspires me to get back to my art journals and creating is seeing other peoples art journals, reading about their process or hearing them talk about creativity.

One of the first artists I stumbled upon through Get Messy, whose art made me gasp for more, want to screen shot so many of her pages and want to keep art journaling forever is Cait Sherwood.



I’ve been trying to put into words how her art inspires me. Here is my attempt. Cait’s journals are filled with colour, layers, shapes, pattern and collaged elements. There is a freedom and spontaneity, and an energy as if they have a life of their own. She has her own distinctive style which I think has evolved from her years of being an artist, starting as a child with artistic parents. Cait makes her own journals and talks about the magic of creating inside a book in her Get Messy conversation. Cait is also interviewed on the How She Creates Podcast which is another great way to hear about other people’s creative process and that episode is one of my faves!


Basically Cait is a Get Messy superstar and I feel very fortunate and humbled to have been on the same creative team. I know there is a lot of talk about “stealing like an artist” from Austin Kleon’s fabulous book , but I also think “Be inspired like an artist” works for me. Find people who inspire you, look at their work, read their words, listen to them talk ( basically internet stalk them haha) and celebrate the joy of inspiration and creativity!


Well that is my final piece of advice as a Get Messy Creative Team member. It has been an amazing opportunity and experience. I have learnt so much!  This is the team of 2016’s final blog hop and I hope you get time to pop over to Cait’s blog to see what inspiration you can find there. Thank you each and everyone of you who have supported my blog and me over the last 12 months as Get Messy basically took over my blogging life. I have lots to share about my adventure for next year which I’ll share in my next blog post. YAY!!!

All images used are from Cait’s blog used with permission. You can find her here:

And on Instagram too!




My inspired by Cait art journal pages.

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