Creative Time : 1

I was fortunate to have some time for creative things this week. I have a few little projects on the go that I dip in and out of. Here are some of the the creative things I’ve enjoyed doing so far this year.

  1. Daily sketching in my Hobonichi 2017 journal
  2. Organizing my art supplies
  3. Ordering more art supplies so that I have to organize my art supplies again
  4. Playing with my Gouache paints
  5. Playing with acrylic paint, mixing colours and making marks in my art journal
  6. Watching Totems  class videos again and working in my large Moleskine journal
  7. Watching Metamorph class videos and starting to make my own oracle cards
  8. Saving loads of inspiring ideas and images onto my Pinterest boards
  9. Checking  out the #mydayarted inspired by Julia of JulesTea and the #projectTlove inspired by Shani at Rare Pear studio. Communities of creative people are so great to be involved in!
  1. img_8065
    1/365 and I’m off to a great start!
Enjoying doing some illustrated journaling in my 2017 Hobonichi.
Playing with acrylic paints in my art journal  which totally improved my mood!
Made a chart of my gouache colours  ( and ordered some more )
Project T love meets Daily Hobonichi 2017
She is …

Time to watch a movie now and have some down time. Blog posts always take way longer than anticipated!

See you soon.

Emily 🙂


13 thoughts on “Creative Time : 1

  1. Lovely to see so much creative activity happening! We are back home now so I’ve started thinking about what I can put in paper now that I have a few more supplies at my disposal!


  2. So good! I’ve missed reading about your art and I do love your daily Hobonichi sketching. I’ve yet to start the Totems class but have got a lovely leather journal for it and will be checking out the videos soon. Thanks for the insight as always into your creative world, and the inspiration xx

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  3. Good luck for February Em, I think you’re very brave!
    I think your daily drawings are so inspiring…you’re clearly a very talented lady and I shall miss you being part of the GM Creative Team. I actually started watching the Totem Class videos again yesterday now that the Christmas madness has finished and I have the need to get started again and create. Speak soon xx


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