Student Life

Hello readers, it’s been a while I know. Last night as I tossed and turned and wondered how in earth I will write a 2000 essay I decided to write the quickest of blog posts because I miss it and I miss my online peeps.


Even quick wonky sketches make me happy and fill my little Hobonichi.

I had no idea how busy I was going to be studying full time at Uni , working part time and still doing all the domestics. Did I say all, nope things are sliding that’s for sure. The thing is, I actually am enjoying learning so much more than I’d anticipated and although it’s tiring, overwhelming and pretty scary, it’s also so great! I’m loving the challenge, all the new knowledge I’m cramming into my shocked brain, the environment of University and all the new skills I’m learning… hello Moodle and searching for peer reviewed journals.

The downside is I’m barely managing to do a quick sketch each day and until today have not done a single art journal page with Get Messy prompts or tutorials. Today I changed that though, blocked off some time, put away the books and got out some stuff and played.   Yay!

Thanks Elizabeth for this tutorial !

Hopefully I can keep making space, breathing room for my creativity, I have missed it so. It was like coming home. I’m also just being kind to myself and realizing that I will have time for play (and housework) in the holidays, and now it’s about passing my four subjects.

Ballarat White Night


I hope all is well in your part of the world.

Till next time , happy creating .

Emily x


4 thoughts on “Student Life

  1. Hi Em, so good to hear from you & that studying is going well, you’re a star! What a fabulous way to return to your art journal, it’s wonderful. I’ve missed seeing you around GM, hope it’s not too long before you manage to get to your art work again. xx


  2. Hats off to you for doing (all) the stuff! It’s great to be exercising the brain – but so pleased you’ve managed to squeeze in a little creativity too xx


  3. So great to see a post from you Em. I am cheering you from here 🙂 Keep going, you’ll get there, and good luck with the studying.


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