Creativity Binge

Gosh, it’s been so long since I have been able to summon up whatever it is you need to write a blog post. Semester one turned into an intense, all consuming, time sucking and exhausting 14 weeks. It was also completely amazing, inspiring and exciting. I absolutely am loving being a student again and really through myself into it 100%. Somewhere along the way I made my peace with having to take a step back from the creativity sandpit so that I could be a big girl and learn how to research, reference and write essays. I did sneak in little sketches and art journal pages here and there, but creativity had to go to the end of the queue for a while.

Once I hit the mid year break all the things I wanted to do started vying for my attention like noisy two year olds- delightful but demanding. I signed up for Julia’s – aka JulesTea Pen and Ink  class and binge watched and created, caught up on other online classes I am in, revisited Totems class, painted some watercolour flowers inspired by Yao Cheng over on CreativeBug. Sorry that this blog post is turning into a list of what I’ve been doing, that’s not what I was planning but I’ll go with it and see where it ends up. I bought some art supplies I didn’t need, and some book binding supplies so I can make some hand made journals, sorted out my art trolley, read some blog posts, saved some pins on Pinterest, and posted some things to Instagram. I even did some Get Messy Inspired art journaling ( which I’ve been missing). I did a brain dump of all the things I wanted to do which proceeded to lead to more things! Please tell me I’m not alone with lists that grow rather than shrink.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that on my last day off before Uni starts back, I am quite pleased to see/say that I may not have got everything “done” on my to do list, but what I have done is listened to my heart and topped up my creative well. I gave myself permission to do and not do. I had in mind that somehow by the end of the break that I would have this way of bringing my creative flow easily into the semester. That I would develop a neat habit of daily creativity which will help sustain me and reduce anxiety throughout next semester. Instead it’s been binge creativity and now perhaps I am more aware of the sense of loss I feel when I can’t have days to myself to just do whatever takes my fancy. I have remembered that it is important to me to keep extending my ability to connect with myself and express that somehow in my art journals.

SO, my plan for now, is to resist signing up for anything new. I have made a more minimalist art desk and will try enter Semester two with no extra demands on myself, but with the knowledge that a little time spent playing with my art supplies, hanging out with my creative friends, learning a new technique with Get Messy or rewatching a tutorial from one of my favourite artists is good for me!!! Somehow, I need to get better at fitting some creative time in whilst still cooking meals, exercising, being a good mumma and being the perfect mature age student haha. Any suggestions? Thoughts ? Tricks? Secrets?

I’ll  leave you with some images of my latest creative endeavours and some links to good things.



A great post by my friend Carolyn aka Iris and Edie,about story telling …

Creativebug – I’ve learnt so much over there !

An art journaling tutorial by Tanyalee Kahler over here ( now I need to make an accordion journal too !)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to catch up again soon.

Emily x

ps please forgive my lack of editing, but wow what a thrill to know I’m not being assessed on this. Woo hoo


6 thoughts on “Creativity Binge

  1. Emily, so lovely to hear your voice and see your pics. Love that lavender! It sounds like you already know what you need to do – minimal art desk, a quick art tutorial, ten minutes with an art journal… And following your heart rather than your ‘should’ list is such great advice. Hope semester 2 goes really well for you.


    1. Thank you Karen! It felt good to write a blog post again. Gosh I think you are right, I do know what I need to do. Thanks for reading and commenting. How’s your writing going?


  2. So pleased you’ve had a chance to flex some creative muscle! It’s been lovely to see your colourful pages popping up in my Insta feed. And I know how it can be so tempting to sign up for lots of stuff – can be a bit like a kid in a candy store. I hope you find a way to quarantine a little bit of creative space for yourself. And thanks for the shout out x


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