Hi I’m Emily, I am a mumma with growing up teenagers, part time sit at a desk type, and more and more a creative person trying to squeeze in as much creative time, learning, fun and play as I can. I’m learning how to draw, paint, art journal and blog. I’m really enjoying meeting other creative people on and off line and I dream of having a she shed.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my little blog.
Emily 🙂

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emily, good on you. I love the list you just posted. I’m a bit in the same head space at the moment, needing to step back, take stock, slow down and prioritise. I’ve felt swept along by life for far too long. I pack loads into each day but reflection time and me time tend to get left behind. Time for space – to think, to breathe, cleanse, exercise, refocus and create. You remind me so much of your Mum. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me. Hope Steve is doing better. Sickness and major life changes always challenge family dynamics but they are a fertile ground for learning and growth. You are very smart to look after yourself in the process.
    Love to you both and the girls. Big hugs and lots of encouragement, Lisa


    1. Lisa ! What a beautiful surprise to see you here and read your words. Thank You xxx. Life does sweep us along doesn’t it. I’m needing this reflection time too, so maybe I can do a bit more steering and a bit less being swept. Hugs back to you. Maybe I could have an FI next time I’m there ???


  2. Of course! Would be good practice for me. I haven’t even given Toni one yet – too scared! She is just too damb brilliant! Plus I prefer to work in the water. xxx


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