Creative Time : 1

I was fortunate to have some time for creative things this week. I have a few little projects on the go that I dip in and out of. Here are some of the the creative things I’ve enjoyed doing so far this year. Daily sketching in my Hobonichi 2017 journal Organizing my art supplies Ordering … More Creative Time : 1

Making friends

So I said I’d write about a meet up I had last week and here it is. Being friendly and making new friends isn’t a forgone conclusion. Sure it’s easy when you sit next to someone every day, like the same sandwich fillings, colours, animals, music and books. But in my experience as I got … More Making friends

Guilt attacks

The moment when I flick from happily creating or day dreaming or faffing about to having a slight panicked and guilty feeling. It’s a bit like a mild panic attack, a mini freak out when I suddenly question what I am even doing and shouldn’t I be doing something else. I had one of these … More Guilt attacks