One + Four=Life :Family, Crochet, Autumn,Watercolour

So after the very inspiring visit to the museum last weekend I decided that my family “needed” to see the Year 12 Art exhibition too. As you can see from this photo, the amount of times I get to plan our day trips and family adventures could be limited. So in my inspired, spontaneous and slightly bossy fashion … More One + Four=Life :Family, Crochet, Autumn,Watercolour

Get messy: week 5

“From little things, big things grow” Thinking about the prompts takes me longer than I thought, I need time to mull them over, and then a little bit more time. So I haven’t completed all the prompts for this week or any week, but this is what I came up with his week. I was … More Get messy: week 5

Guilt attacks

The moment when I flick from happily creating or day dreaming or faffing about to having a slight panicked and guilty feeling. It’s a bit like a mild panic attack, a mini freak out when I suddenly question what I am even doing and shouldn’t I be doing something else. I had one of these … More Guilt attacks