Wear sunscreen : Art journaling time : Get Messy : Happy: week 4


It’s been a real mixed bag of a week for me. I had been so looking forward to a couple of uninterrupted , house to myself to get creative days but then found myself procrastinating by tidying up.

Our house is always in a certain amount of disarray, so that form of procrastination whilst productive and satisfying can really be very time consuming. The reality of life is that there is more to do than sit and have creative play time and I became aware that I felt under pressure to be creative, so I tidied some more and did some spontaneous baking.

All the feelings

Somehow though, despite all this, plus a couple of nights out, a car breaking down, and a sudden loss of creative mojo. I managed to just get started, remember to play and enjoy the process. Here is what I came up with using the prompts from Get Messy, the Pixar film Inside out and ” Everybody’s free” song by Baz Luhrmann.

Advice to my younger self taken from the Everybody’s free song.

Lastly here’s a peek at some of my growing collection of art journals, so if I’m ever doubting that I’m an art journaler I just need to look at what I’ve created in the last year and my growing stack of journals.

A few  of my favourites

In other news I still haven’t written my Gelli plate post and the “s”on my laptop is threatening to retire early, my car now has a brand new alternator and I have booked a camping weekend without consulting any of my family. Fingers crossed that it works out and that I the keyboard fairy fixes my “s” while I am leeping, or should i say sleeping .

Oh and finally, do wear sunscreen. I attended a talk by a doctor this week about skin cancer and melanoma’s. It was a very good reminder to cover up in the sun and get unusual or changing moles checked out by a Doctor. When in doubt get it checked out!

Thanks for dropping in.

Emily 🙂



7 thoughts on “Wear sunscreen : Art journaling time : Get Messy : Happy: week 4

  1. It’s certainly very satisfying looking back on old journals. Glad you got your car fixed, I hope it didn’t disrupt your day too much…it’s so very frustrating when things you rely on stop working!


  2. Oh that is what I am after, a gaggle of journals! I have a couple on the go at the same time just because once one needs to dry, then what? Another is needed of course! Sometimes a spot of baking is just the ticket.
    I am sure you will all have a lovely camping trip x


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